The hostess with the… roaches?

By Max Liebel

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Clet hall is a touchstone for a lot of students on campus. It’s home to classrooms for the theatre program, student housing, a dinning hall, and now roaches. A picture surfaced a few weeks ago of a cockroach in the hallway of the lower level of Clet hall. The hallway where the picture was taken in is one where students go for class and leads to the kitchen for the dinning hall.

Jason Holmes, a junior here at Niagara University, sent in the photo of the cockroach and had this to say:

“The roach was so close to the kitchen there is no way the kitchen doesn’t have or hasn’t had roaches in it this semester,” said Holmes. “I’m not the only one who has seen [the cockroaches] and if you’re feeding hundreds of kids something like that is dangerous and unacceptable.” Holmes was right he wasn’t the only student to see the cockroaches in Clet.

Jess Justinger, a junior at NU, also reported seeing roaches near the kitchen of Clet. “The roach was in a doorway across from the kitchen” said Justinger. “It’s absolutely disgusting. People take classes there and we eat there its crazy.”

image1-2Sightings of the cockroaches date back to last year according to Kenyia King a junior theatre major.

“I saw it in the hallway leading to my theatre class,” said King. This being the same hallway where other students had reported cockroach sightings. “I literally saw it and did a double-take because it was so nasty. It was in a clear plastic cup just left there. Clet has gotten better about being clean, but that is still nasty.”

Cockroaches reproduce at a high rate and can carry disease-causing bacteria like salmonella. In a place like the dinning hall this can be very problematic. Food poisoning is often cited in establishments that have cockroaches. It seems like its only a matter of time before Niagara experiences these same types of problems if the cockroaches are not addressed.

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