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Australian V. American Schooling

Through The Eyes of A Former Study Abroad Student Vanessa Arieno Studying abroad for five months will leave you with more knowledge than you ever could have imagined knowing of the world, the beauty of living and traveling independently and of course most importantly…coming home broke. It is an amazing experience traveling the world without… Continue reading Australian V. American Schooling

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Escaping Disaster

"we're so happy to be out of the chaos..." Vanessa Arieno San Juan, Puerto Rico - On Sept. 20 Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico in a town called Yabucoa. Hurricane Maria is a Category 4 with winds of over 150 mph and according to Time magazine it has created devastating death toll of 45. 19… Continue reading Escaping Disaster

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Niagara Wire receives letter from KKK

Ferrah Staley and Gabrielle Jackson Our country has a long history of slavery, racism, domestic terrorism, and division. Each one has affected Black Americans for many generations emotionally, physically, and psychologically. What most people are afraid to face is that these acts and perspectives are still alive and well today. It is so prominent that… Continue reading Niagara Wire receives letter from KKK

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The wrath of unpaid internships

Allison Camp College students go to a university in order to become more successful and make more money. For some college students, both cannot happen at the same time while they are still in school. For a lot of majors to be successful, students must complete at least one internship-many of which are not paid… Continue reading The wrath of unpaid internships

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Whose struggle is it, anyways?

Identity politics addresses some problems, but reinforces others   Jacob Foote If you ask the average American what it means to be a part of the left-wing, you will receive a myriad of answers - to vote Democrat, to not vote at all, or to throw bricks through Starbucks’ windows. But the majority will be… Continue reading Whose struggle is it, anyways?

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Bills tailgating: a sight to see from within

Shaina Pumputis ORCHARD PARK N.Y. - Walking around the outside of New Era Field is like driving through a safari. All around the parking lot there are drinking games keeping the energy alive, people chanting, singing and grilling. Tables are set up all over the place with people crowded around them doing one game or… Continue reading Bills tailgating: a sight to see from within

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Why are people fighting each other in the streets?

Clashes between left and right wing partisan forces are not understood  Jacob Foote A specter is disturbing the consciousness of Americans nationwide: the specter of right-wing and left-wing partisan demonstration and violence. Already it has broadcasted on every major news outlet and made headlines in the papers. Be it Berkeley, Charlottesville, or anywhere else, the… Continue reading Why are people fighting each other in the streets?

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Is there a Commuter-Resident Divide at NU?

Franklin Heinzmann A closer look at whether or not the commuter-resident divide stereotype exists at Niagara University LEWISTON, NY - Just over a year ago, high school seniors across the country sat at their computer researching what it is like to be a commuter. Some had recently made the decision to commute and some have known… Continue reading Is there a Commuter-Resident Divide at NU?

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“Thanks, Cap”: In loving memory of Nick Albano

Blake Brown On August 11th, 2017 Niagara alumni and resident of Webster, New York, Nicholas Albano passed away unexpectedly due to his increasingly active epilepsy condition. The Niagara University community is extremely saddened by this loss as Nick was one of the most genuine, upright members of the NU community. Our condolences go out to… Continue reading “Thanks, Cap”: In loving memory of Nick Albano

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Kesha’s Fight for Freedom

Brigid Burns Kesha Rose Sebert, otherwise known as Ke$ha, has recently won a small fraction of her sexual assault case against her producer Dr. Luke. According to the New York Times, there was a 2014 filing in California where a lawyer for Kesha made claims against Dr. Luke saying that he had “verbally, sexually, emotionally,… Continue reading Kesha’s Fight for Freedom