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Justice League: A healthy serving of half-cooked justice

By Blake Brown Superhero fans have waited all too long for the production of “Justice League,” but was it really worth the wait? The answer, not really. “Justice League” unfortunately did not live up to the hype surrounding the film. Many of the ideas are half-cooked and unsatisfying, and the action all seemed knitted together.… Continue reading Justice League: A healthy serving of half-cooked justice

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Most wanted improvements on campus

By Blake Brown NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Recent improvements to campus such as the fire pit, access road and dining hall renovations seem to be just the beginning of a transformation happening at Niagara University. Every semester there is an excitement that builds leading up to the first day of class; however, upon arrival that excitement of… Continue reading Most wanted improvements on campus

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Course Evaluations Go Paperless

By Blake Brown NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Say goodbye to bubble sheet course evaluations as Niagara University introduces the online course evaluation which can now be completed by phone or laptop. The new online evaluations have been emailed out to students and tailored to their respective class schedules. The new method is a hit within… Continue reading Course Evaluations Go Paperless

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Farewell, Niagara!

By Malika-Budur Kalila NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - My dear reader, all my previous stories were in the news section, thus, I was not able to express my emotions and opinions. Now that there are only two weeks left until my graduation and visa expiration, I want to share my small story that made my worldview bigger… Continue reading Farewell, Niagara!

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Bathrooms gone haywire

By Brigid Burns NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Niagara University, as many schools do, has such a beautiful and welcoming campus community. There is an abundance of nature life surrounding our campus as well as the Niagara Gorge across the street. Having Niagara Falls ten minutes away from campus adds to the uniqueness and beauty of… Continue reading Bathrooms gone haywire

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Justice In Hollywood: The Sexual Assault Scandal That Started A Movement

By Michaela McGrath and Vanessa Arieno HOLLYWOOD, CA - In early October, allegations of sexual assault against powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein were published in the New Yorker and the New York Times. Since then, over 35 men (and counting), have been accused of sexual harassment or abuse. In a post-Weinstein world, victims have become emboldened… Continue reading Justice In Hollywood: The Sexual Assault Scandal That Started A Movement

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Changemakers of Niagara: Dr. David Reilly

By Christine Burke and Emily Parisi NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Niagara University has seen a lot of change in the past few years, and the next few years are sure to be no different. Many people on campus are the drivers and progressors of such change, but they often go unrecognized. NU professor, Chair of the… Continue reading Changemakers of Niagara: Dr. David Reilly

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Khalil Dukes Spoiler Alert For those of you who like war movies, ‘Thank You For Your Service’ was not a call of duty, civil war, action-packed, army warfare film. In fact, it was the total opposite. Based on a true story about a 5-soldier unit, only 4 of the veterans return home to their families. Mourning… Continue reading FILM CRITIQUE: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

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Desire paths, and where to find them

Jacob Foote NIAGARA FALLS, NY - Ambling by the library of Niagara University, one is bound to catch a curious sight. Before oneself, worn into the green is a desire-path. It’s surface is cracked, crooked and dirty like the witch’s tooth, but it’s aim is as straight and true as any good concrete sidewalk. But,… Continue reading Desire paths, and where to find them

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Uber v. Lyft

Is one better than the other? Vanessa Arieno We can all agree Uber is one of the best things to happen to NU students in a long time: but should we be signed up for Lyft instead? Uber is clearly the original company for driving services but the truth is one isn’t better than the… Continue reading Uber v. Lyft