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Pet Peeves

By Stephanie Rosso Pet peeves, oh where do I even begin? We all have them! They’re those little things people do that drive us absolutely wild. Everybody has their own pet peeves, but after polling around campus, here’s a list of the most common pet peeves students shared. Acting like you’re “too cool for school”-… Continue reading Pet Peeves

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Don’t forget where you belong

Don’t forget where you belong By: Francesca Gugino NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. Choosing the right college is so difficult because for many it is the first independent decision that we get to make: where are we spending the next four years of our life and what will we do? It can make for a stressful senior… Continue reading Don’t forget where you belong

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Boyfriend or Bum?

By: Akira Thornton We've all been there. Every woman has dealt with a guy that she sees "great potential" in, and yet, this is where so many women go wrong. We'll fall head over heels for a guy, meanwhile, he is continuously showing red flags that he isn't the one. We all fall victim to… Continue reading Boyfriend or Bum?

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Radiation epidemic still ongoing after 40 years

Love Canal's history William T. Love envisioned a canal connecting the lower Niagara river to the upper level  because of the falls separating the two. When the economy collapsed in 1892 after one whole mile - 15 feet wide and ten feet deep - of constructing the canal, the project came to an end. When… Continue reading Radiation epidemic still ongoing after 40 years

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Technologies increasing stress levels in students

By Isabella Susino Ever feel like you're always on your phone when you're trying to do homework? How about when you're talking to friends? This may be a sign that you're too caught up in what other people are doing - instead of your own doings. Better Homes and Gardens' Amy Brightfield shared with her… Continue reading Technologies increasing stress levels in students

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Exposing environmental disasters on campus

By Brittany Rosso NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- How many times in one week do you find yourself stepping on beer cans, chip and candy wrappers, empty cigarette cartons, fast food packaging or other garbage in the O’Shea lot? I sure cannot validate a reason or come to gather myself as to why this is a weekly… Continue reading Exposing environmental disasters on campus