It doesn’t take a fortnight to get good at “Fortnite”

By: David Wojtkowski

With the start of season seven on the horizon and the newly bestowed title of “Game of the Year” on its shoulders, “Fortnite” is bigger than ever.  This free online shooter recently crossed the 200 million players mark and got its creators valued over $15 billion.

Here are a few tips to help you reach a victory royale if you get sucked into the craze.


When you start a match flying over the map in the battle bus, picking a landing spot can be the most important decision of the game.  If you’re going for a high kill game or looking to improve your combat skills, go to a place where many others are going, like Tilted Towers.  If you want to focus on winning, pick a spot no one else is going. For example, go near the edge of the map and slowly move your way to zone as the storm closes in.  This will give you a chance to gear up and you won’t have to check your six as much.


Playground mode is a virtual sandbox where you can go in and practice your skills with some friends.  This is a good time to practice your building skills, which are essential in battle, and it is definitely easier to practice when there aren’t 99 other people out for your blood.


In order to build those structures that give you cover, high ground and mobility in fights you need to gather wood, stone and metal.  A great way to do this without going out of your way is by smashing objects you see in houses when you’re looking for weapons. It may not give much but it’s quick and easy. When farming for resources remember to put your reticle in the blue circle for optimal results.

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