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Niagara’s graduation moved to Artpark

Shaina Pumputis LEWISTON, N.Y. - On Oct. 2 Niagara University Student Government Association (NUSGA) announced that Niagara University’s 2018 commencement will now be taking place at Artpark in Lewiston, New York. Previously, NU’s commencement has taken place in the Gallagher Center. Another exciting change is that students will be receiving six tickets as opposed to… Continue reading Niagara’s graduation moved to Artpark

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Should we fear artificial intelligence?

Experts debate the issue Michaela McGrath NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Humanity has been captivated by artificial intelligence for at least a century. One need only look to our preoccupation with robots in literature, film, TV and video games to see humans grappling with this advancing technology. However, the real experts do not agree on the… Continue reading Should we fear artificial intelligence?

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Australian V. American Schooling

Through The Eyes of A Former Study Abroad Student Vanessa Arieno Studying abroad for five months will leave you with more knowledge than you ever could have imagined knowing of the world, the beauty of living and traveling independently and of course most importantly…coming home broke. It is an amazing experience traveling the world without… Continue reading Australian V. American Schooling

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Week Seven Fantasy Football: Players to Watch

Ryan Sullivan Whether it's the Chiefs at the top or the Browns at the bottom, it’s Week 7 and your fantasy team probably sucks. Here are some predictions so your friends will stop making fun of you. Top NFL QB’s Start: Cam Newton vs. CHI – Chicago has had a rough year to this point,… Continue reading Week Seven Fantasy Football: Players to Watch

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Blade Runner 2049: A new sci-fi epic for our time

This article contains spoilers Michaela McGrath In 1982, “Blade Runner” gave us a future where the nature of what makes us human was in question. Over thirty years later, “Blade Runner 2049,” directed by Denis Villeneuve, has ushered in a new vision of dystopia. It is the rare sequel worth seeing that expands upon the… Continue reading Blade Runner 2049: A new sci-fi epic for our time

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Lammers’ effect at Niagara felt almost immediately

Jamie Magone Fast. Aggressive. Relentless. Those are the traits that Head Coach Jason Lammers want to be the trademark of his hockey team, and those are the traits that he will attempt to bring to Niagara University. Coming off of his two seasons as head coach of the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the United Saints… Continue reading Lammers’ effect at Niagara felt almost immediately

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Student creates petition trying to combat club dues

Allison Camp and Brigid Burns NIAGARA FALLS, NY- Maham Alamgir has created a petition on Sept. 28 on titled “Minimizing Club Dues.” The petition is addressed to Jason Jakubowski, Dean of Students. So far, 69 students have signed the petition and Alamgir has set her goal to 100. “All clubs and club sports must… Continue reading Student creates petition trying to combat club dues

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Niagara then and now: Alumni weekend brings shocking recollections

Christine Burke NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - During Columbus Day weekend Niagara University hosted its annual Alumni Weekend, attracting past NU students from as recent as 2017 to as far back as 1947. While working this nostalgic event, which included catered dinners in the Dining Commons and at the Niagara Falls Convention Center, a picture on… Continue reading Niagara then and now: Alumni weekend brings shocking recollections

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Niagara’s Haunted Past

Chloe Steinig NIAGARA FALLS, NY- Almost every student knows what every building on campus today is called: Gally, Vini’s, Dunleavy. But how much do they know about the campus years ago? Walking up the trail alongside the Whirlpool lies the remains of Niagara University’s past. Niagara is no stranger to ghosts. Clet Hall is famously… Continue reading Niagara’s Haunted Past

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Escaping Disaster

"we're so happy to be out of the chaos..." Vanessa Arieno San Juan, Puerto Rico - On Sept. 20 Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico in a town called Yabucoa. Hurricane Maria is a Category 4 with winds of over 150 mph and according to Time magazine it has created devastating death toll of 45. 19… Continue reading Escaping Disaster