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The importance of financial aid to students

A few weeks ago, four students form Niagara University traveled to the capitol at Albany, advocating for the continuation of financial aid for independent colleges, specifically representing NU. With the difference in scholarships between public and private schools, it is important to pay close attention to financial aid packages. Personally, my college choice was heavily… Continue reading The importance of financial aid to students

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A healthier lifestyle on campus

By Akira Thornton For every college student it is a challenge to eat healthier on campus. Balancing school, a job, hobbies, and a social life, many students find it difficult to pick up a nutritional meal throughout the day.  According to a study of student eating habits published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior… Continue reading A healthier lifestyle on campus

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Bridging the 38th Parallel

Bridging the 38th Parallel North and South Korea come together for 2018 Winter Olympics By: Francesca Gugino On Feb. 9, North and South Korean olympic athletes marched together at the opening ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea. The olympians carried the Korean Unification Flag, rather than the two separate country flags, symbolizing unity and togetherness after… Continue reading Bridging the 38th Parallel

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Budgeting for study

How to make a semester abroad affordable By: Francesca Gugino Studying abroad is a great way to travel, experience a new culture, enrich college education and even seek volunteer or internship opportunities in a field related to one’s major. However, only about 10% of United States' students study abroad during undergrad. Why? For some, being… Continue reading Budgeting for study

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Coming soon: “Model Squad” hits E!

By Brittany Rosso Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) LEWISTON, N.Y.- E!’s soon to come “Model Squad” television series offers insight to the lives of supermodels Daniela Braga, Olivia Culpo, Hannah Ferguson, Ping Hue, Nadine Leopold, Caroline Lowe, Ashley Moore, Shanina Shaik and Devon Windsor; revealing the intensity and required assets to survive the high fashion modeling… Continue reading Coming soon: “Model Squad” hits E!

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iPhone photography tips

For the aspiring photographer on a budget, the Instagram enthusiast or just anyone interested in making their photos stand out... this one is for you. Composing the photo Before taking the photo, focus on what the idea is supposed to display. For more creative shots, shoot at a lower angle. Angles make a huge difference… Continue reading iPhone photography tips

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Finding jobs on campus

By Katherine Snyder Being in college can be very difficult and is almost always a financial struggle. Students have to worry about how they're paying to be in school, or having extra spending money to use on campus or when out shopping for groceries or necessities. Niagara offers several paid on-campus jobs to help out… Continue reading Finding jobs on campus