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Justice League: A healthy serving of half-cooked justice

By Blake Brown Superhero fans have waited all too long for the production of “Justice League,” but was it really worth the wait? The answer, not really. “Justice League” unfortunately did not live up to the hype surrounding the film. Many of the ideas are half-cooked and unsatisfying, and the action all seemed knitted together.… Continue reading Justice League: A healthy serving of half-cooked justice

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Boogie Nights: The World’s Largest Disco

By Chloe Steinig BUFFALO, N.Y. - The annual World’s Largest Disco was held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center on Saturday Nov. 25. While known for the afro wigs and jumpsuits, the event also raised money for Camp Good Days and Special Times, a non-profit organization for children with cancer. The event has been held… Continue reading Boogie Nights: The World’s Largest Disco

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NU Theatre presents “She Loves Me”

By Sarah Emmerling NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - “She Loves Me,” the third show of the 2017-2018 NU Theatre season, runs Nov. 30 through Dec. 10. This 1963 Broadway hit is sure to please all musical theatre enthusiasts. The production has a total of ten performances and one post-show discussion for audience members who want to meet… Continue reading NU Theatre presents “She Loves Me”

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Best of Entertainment 2017

By Chloe Steinig Film: “mother!” Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” was by far the most polarizing film of the year: viewers either walked out repulsed or in love. The trailers for the film were far different from what it actually was, with the “Rosemary’s Baby” comparisons failing to materialize. This element of surprise is what makes it… Continue reading Best of Entertainment 2017

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Best of: Niagara Events

By Brigid Burns NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Throughout the fall semester, Niagara University has held a number of events for students to partake in. Almost every week, at least one event was held and the turn-out for many of these events was remarkable. Some events were more popular than others, so with that being said, there… Continue reading Best of: Niagara Events

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Hell on Earth: Marvel’s “The Punisher”

By Chloe Steinig After being pushed back earlier this year in October in light of the Las Vegas shooting, Marvel’s “The Punisher” hit Netflix on Nov. 17. The delay came as a surprise to fans, as The Punisher is essentially a mass murdering anti-hero. Yet it is his character that invites discussion on gun control, war,… Continue reading Hell on Earth: Marvel’s “The Punisher”

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Worst of Entertainment 2017

By Michaela McGrath Film: “The Emoji Movie” Knock it off Hollywood! Not every app, trend, product or game that’s popular with the “kids” needs to be a movie. Nobody wanted this. “The Emoji Movie” is an ugly, soulless, headache-inducing slog. It’s shameless brand advertising disguised as an animated movie. If you have millions of dollars to… Continue reading Worst of Entertainment 2017

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Top 6 Holiday Activities in the Buffalo/Niagara Area

By Allison Camp Poinsettias-Expect the Unexpected & Garden Railway (Now until Jan. 7) Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens - See a beautiful display of poinsettias along with a railway exhibit to help jumpstart the holiday spirit! 2. Ice Skating & Ice Biking at Canalside (Now until March 18) The Ice on Canalside-Ice skate, ride… Continue reading Top 6 Holiday Activities in the Buffalo/Niagara Area

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The Kerfuffle Before Christmas: 3 concert event this year

By Shaina Pumputis BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Kerfuffle Before Christmas Concert is held by Alternative Buffalo every year. This year, Seneca Gaming and Entertainment/Seneca Poker are presenting the event as a three concert series which includes a three-band lineup for each day. You must be 18 to attend the event, or 16 with a parent… Continue reading The Kerfuffle Before Christmas: 3 concert event this year

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Khalil Dukes Spoiler Alert For those of you who like war movies, ‘Thank You For Your Service’ was not a call of duty, civil war, action-packed, army warfare film. In fact, it was the total opposite. Based on a true story about a 5-soldier unit, only 4 of the veterans return home to their families. Mourning… Continue reading FILM CRITIQUE: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE