Key tips on keeping your new year goals

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY.- Everyone has goals for the new year, and the toughest part is staying committed to those goals. We tend to become depressed when what we want, does not happen right away. When setting a goal we first have to also understand that any kind of result we are searching for might take some time.

Before setting a goal, it is important to ask ourselves why we want to pursue this. A second thing to do is to accept that accomplishing our goals may not happen right away. Some of the top Goals people set every year are to exercise more, save money, eat healthier, and to travel more.

If these are any of your goals, see if any of them are connected. If you want to travel more then you might take the first step as saving your money to go somewhere new. You can save money by driving your car less to save gas or cut back on eating at fast-food restaurants. If your looking to travel more, just start by going somewhere new in your local area. Once you have saved enough money, then you can make the big trip.

Exercising may seem like a challenge at first but we have to remember to find balance. When trying to exercise we may feel the need to go all out on the first day. Always remember that it is important to pace yourself and results will only develop over time. You shouldn’t try to burn yourself out to the point where your exhausted the next day. This will lead to you becoming unmotivated to reach your end goal. A trick you can do is to spread your workouts out. Another way to stay on track is to make a playlist with your favorite songs to workout too. This makes your workout enjoyable and positive to the point where you are looking forward to doing it again.

Eating healthier is always a positive goal for everyone to have. When trying to eat healthier, first ask yourself what you enjoy eating and if it is really bad for you. A second thing is to consider that maybe you don’t have to stop eating something you enjoy, but rather just monitor the amount you are consuming. Fruit and vegetables are always appropriate to go along with any meal. We should all consider the time of day we are eating certain foods too. Eating chicken and pizza first thing in the morning is not healthy for your body to process.

If you need help monitoring your meals and gym sessions, you can download the “MyFitnessPal” app on your food. It helps you keep track of the amount of calories you have consumed or even how far you walk or ran that day.

Even if you gave up on your goal last week, just remember that tomorrow is a new day. Minor set backs are going to happen but you have to just find new way to stay positive and motivated. When we remain patient during the process we can see ourselves develop a stronger appreciation for chasing the end results.

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