Long distance: is it worth it?

Long distance relationships in college are really hard to keep going. I’ve been in my relationship for 11 months, and it hasn’t been without difficulty.

We met senior year of high school in gym volleyball – he received a powerful spike and passed it perfectly to the setter – I’ll always remember that. We started hanging out everyday in the hallways and during my last study hall of the day.

The first time we hung out was outside of school, I took my dog for a car ride to Art Park and walked him there. I texted him to come hang out for a while, my heart was beating so fast. He came 20 minutes later and we walked and talked and watched the sun set below the horizon. After his last hockey game, we sat in his car listening to music. He turned to me and asked me to be his girlfriend.

He came to some of my volleyball tournaments and sat with my family while I played. We went thrift shopping at the local Salvation Army and found a jacket full of sequins that we ended up mailing to my grandma (she loves it and still wears it). I fell in love with his Australian Sheppard named Maya and give his mom hugs whenever I see her. We took road trips to Stony Brook State Park and little dates to get frozen yogurt at Menchies. We went to Buffalo to the Museum of Science and to the Albright Knox Art Gallery. He asked me to prom by quoting the first movie we watched together “Jurassic Park” – “Life, uh, finds a way.”

The tough thing is about not seeing your significant other, is that you can’t see them everyday. However, you owe it to them to support them through this. Sometimes it’s been a month before he comes home, but when he first went away it was really hard on me and it felt as if I’d never get through it. With the use of FaceTime and watching shows together, we’ve pretty much gotten through it.

We’ve also had some pretty bad fights too, there was one when we almost broke up. The fights are usually about how he doesn’t come home to see me as much as I want him to. I can’t visit him either because of my school work plus because I work off campus – and a five hour drive isn’t ideal for anyone.

I’m currently planning a ‘Stranger Things’ themed party for him for his 19th birthday. The tricky part is the set up because he has a four day weekend that weekend and I have to find something that will distract him while everything gets set up. I want it to be really special for him because he’s done so much for me. I ordered Christmas light necklaces for people to wear and I ordered a 36 x 24 poster with Christmas lights of the “ABC wall” for people to take pictures in front of. I’m going to create the Upside Down portal leading down to the basement and I’m going to hang lights from the ceiling and have the vinyl sound track and maybe later on the show playing.

It’s a lot of work to plan something when you have no idea what’s going on in another person’s life – but I know when he comes home and sees what I’ve done, it’ll be so worth it.

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