Advising and Registration

Tips and Tricks on a smooth registration process

Vanessa Arieno

It’s that point in the year again guys! Time to plan your next semester classes. Some of you may have all the steps down when it comes to what you need to get done when starting this process but for those of you whom don’t I have you covered. First things first…set up your advisement appointment to go over the classes you need, which classes are best to take that semester and any other questions you may have. Once you’ve set this up look at your checklist and make sure you have no holds on your account prior to registration. This is pretty easy usually any holds would be on updating your FERPA, checking your profile on myNu or an issue with financial aid and you will get an email if you have any holds. Now before meeting with your advisor it’s always a good idea to look at your options and have an idea of which classes you want to register for. If you are an underclassman and aren’t really sure don’t stress! That’s why we have these advisement appointments…to figure everything out before that scheduled registration time.  

When you meet with your advisor and deciding which classes to take it’s important to ask which professors to take the course with for your benefit. Another option before registering is to check with This website allows you to look up professors by school and look at previous students’ opinions on that professor. In my experience the website has been accurate for me but some students disagree. It’s always a good idea to ask around on campus and in your friend groups who has had which professors and their opinions on them to help your decision.

Once you’ve done all of this then it’s time to wait for your registration day! When the day comes make sure you have all of your classes ready to be selected in Web Advisor to make registering quicker and easier on you. Since being a senior, I have always had bad experiences registering on my laptop in my room and end up not getting into some classes I needed or wanted but everyone is different. My advice to you is to, if you want to avoid any technical issues register in the campus library. This is usually your best bet for a quick registration. That is pretty much it on advising and registering for classes! If any of you have any more questions or concerns reach out to your advisors that’s what they’re there for!

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