Climate week in New York City


Allison Camp

NEW YORK, NY – This past week, Climate Week took place in New York City where the sole focus was climate change. The UN General Assembly brings together international leaders to discuss what actions need to be taken and how they are trying to make their community a cleaner one. Climate week has been happening since 2009 and helps support the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It took place Sept. 18 to Sept. 24.

According to Climate Week NYC, “This year, Climate Week NYC comes at a critical point in the global response to climate change.”

The Climate Group runs all the events that are put on throughout the week. The ultimate goal of the Climate Group is to have a world that has net zero green- house emissions. They consider themselves to be the leaders of taking action toward climate change.

On their website they state, “ A new survey nds that a majority of people globally are optimistic about our ability to address climate change.”

This year there was over 100 events for Climate Change Week, and they take place all over the city. One of the things done in support of the cause was that the city turned the Empire State Building green. This is the fourth year the Empire State Building has turned green for Climate Change Week.

According to Climate Week NYC, “From panel discussions, to concerts, exhibitions and seminars, organizations and individuals can play a pivotal role in advancing the debate, driving awareness, and keeping the climate action at the top of the global agenda.”

This past week, Climate Week reached 535 million people globally and had over 300 news items published about it. It is an issue that continues to concern people and has been rising due to the natural disasters happening all over the world.


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