Bills tailgating: a sight to see from within


Shaina Pumputis

ORCHARD PARK N.Y. – Walking around the outside of New Era Field is like driving through a safari. All around the parking lot there are drinking games keeping the energy alive, people chanting, singing and grilling. Tables are set up all over the place with people crowded around them doing one game or another, all the while calling out their enemies.

Games such as flip cup, beer pong and Thunderstruck can be seen being played in one place or another. Other activities such as cornhole or tossing the football are also garnering intense competitions. Many people doing these activities with a beer in hand.

Every person is dressed in red, white and blue from head to toe. Jerseys and Zubaz are what most are wearing. Zubaz are the zebra styled pants that are relatively popular in football and other professional sports. And the jerseys? The jerseys range from players who used to be apart of the Bills in their prime, the 1990s, such as Jim Kelly to Tyrod Taylor, who is the Bill’s current quarterback.

Walking around, everyone is super friendly and inviting to one another. That is if you are a Bills fan. If you are there to support the team the Bills are playing against, be ready to be ridiculed. Granted, most of the time it is all in good fun, unless you are wearing a Tom Brady jersey.


Bills fans are notorious for getting crazy during tailgates. There are video’s all over the internet to prove it, but seeing it in person is an adrenaline rush. Watching a person jump through a table from trucks and RVs brings excitement and explosive energy to the crowd. As soon as it happens, everyone around it erupts with excitement yelling and cheering.

Before going through gates and security, there are cans everywhere and people frantically finishing drinks. It is a fun time when fans transition from the pre-game tailgating to what everyone actually came for, the football game. The craziness and excitement stays with the crowd transitioning its energy into the stadium, often times later giving the Bills a little more momentum.

With the people lling the stands bringing positive vibes into the stadium, music play- ing loudly and the teams warming up on the eld it just keeps the adrenaline rush going. The excitement that tailgating has brought to New Era Field has just enhanced the experience for everyone over the years.

Tailgating for the Bills has become a phenomenon that takes up time and energy for fans. Anyone who is going for the rst time or the 100th time, should be ready to commit and be a part of the “Bills Ma a.” It has become more than just a football game, it has become a full day event that by the end of the day can tire you as much as the football players.

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