Super food made for Super Bowl

Businesses generate incredible revenue thanks to the big game

Greg Jubert

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY., NY- Over 111 million Americans tuned in to Super Bowl LI in some capacity back on Feb. 7. Whether it was to see the New England Patriots comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, Lady Gaga’s halftime performance, or the new wave of commercials created for the event, chances are those watching were viewing it while eating on what has become to many a national holiday.

According to a study from the US Department of Agriculture, Super Bowl Sunday has evolved into the second-largest day for food consumption across America. For many companies, this day is one of the most important days of the year when it comes to generating profits. Even the largest of companies are taking measures to make sure they flourish when the day comes around. While also in the midst of a major expansion, Pizza Hut announced in mid-January that the company is hiring 11,000 new employees in time for the event to help meet the expected demand. According to coupon website, Americans on this day alone purchased 12.5 million pizzas.

“We’re committed to improving the overall customer experience,” Kelly McCulloch, Pizza Hut’s senior director, human resources, told USA Today. “This starts with our restaurants recruiting top talent, and training team members to perform at their absolute best.”


Along with pizza, chicken wings have also been a popular choice as well. A report from national chain Buffalo Wild Wings states that on an average weekend, the company sells approximately 6,000 wings. That number skyrockets on the weekend of the Super Bowl to a staggering 13,500. Even more remarkable, that number is still only a small fraction of the projected 1.33 billion wings to be consumed over the weekend, courtesy of an annual report from the National Chicken Council.

We reached out to local companies such as Favorite’s Pizzeria, Duff’s and Anchor Bar to hear about how local establishments generated revenue for the big game, but all three were did not respond to our requests.

While the Super Bowl has continued to evolve into an annual spectacle, those at home have turned the game into a special event of their own. Between pizza, wings and all sorts of other treats, this game day has proven financially to be unlike any other.

Super Bowl LII will take place in Minnesota on Feb. 4, 2018.

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