Future’s ‘Future’ Album

Future’s new self-titled LP gives a different vibe

Kahlil Dukes

Whether he just wants to “pop pills” or “f— up some commas”, Future continues to give the music industry and his fans material to keep himself in the rotation of various DJs and playlists across the world. The Atlanta native released his fifth studio album titled Future, making it his second album already since the New Year. With seventeen songs, Future begins the album with the likes of “Rent Money” and “Good Dope.” Although he mentions his normal drug, pill popping, and sex with strippers, and jewelry flashing, he does insist, “I do good, though.” While he continuously tunes “Scr-scrape” on track “Scrape” and sings various bird chirps on “Zoom”, his most catchy track seems to be none other than “I’m So Groovy.”

Future says “mhmm” to confirm every bar in the song, only to clarify just how groovy he really is. Harmonizing track “Draco” as if he is driving down Sunset Boulevard in California, Future sings “Draco season with the book bag / Rat-tat got a little kick back / Hundreds on hundreds got a good batch / You will never ever get your b—- back” in the hook, reminding us that he has a “pimp degree.”

With a mix of trap, auto-tune and heartlessness in Future’s lyricism, Future’s instrumentals definitely make the album what it is. Producer Metro Boomin’ blessed all listeners with the dope beats on tracks “Mask Off” and “Outta Time”, both two songs one cannot help but bop their head to. However, there is not too much good to say about the album other than what has already been mentioned. Songs like “High Demand”, where Future raps “grabbing that p—- like Donald”, referencing TMZ’s Billy Bush video about President Trump’s sexually derogatory comments in 2005, Future is not the most trendsetting, attention-grabbing, swagger-felt album of Future’s career. But if Future wants to release these few tracks to stay relevant and has greater material for us all in the works, then he “Might As Well.”

Future’s hard work continues to pay off, as he delivers project after project in very short amounts of time to all of his listeners. However, Future seems to leave many wondering if he may be working a little too hard, or if he should spend just a little more time on a particular project before releasing it. Most of the tracks on Future sound like he could have been in a rush to get them out to his fans and listeners. And while he does plan to release another project this month, there are enough decent tracks on Future for us to appreciate his ambitiousness and studio obsession. We shall see what the Future – holds.

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