Niagara University Reaching Abroad

By: Nick Josselyn

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY – On Monday, October 21, Niagara’s Office for International Relations held an event in the lower level of Gallagher Hall. The event was a list of panels held by international students, representing their respected university’s study abroad programs, providing information on how Niagara students can apply to study abroad and tips from students who have done the same. Some of the schools that were represented include; Seoul Women’s University and Myongji University in Seoul, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland and St. Mary’s University in London. 


Jiyeon “Rora” Ryu is a biology major from Seoul Women’s University in South Korea, and has been to 26 other countries for work and travel. Ryu worked the Study Abroad Fair and discussed her view on studying abroad. 


“I think studying abroad is really important to help develop abilities and to widen their horizons to the world,” Ryu said. “Studying is very hard due to language and culture barriers, but the experience of overcoming these barriers are worth it.” When asked about her experience traveling, Ryu offered this advice for students looking to study abroad. “Before studying abroad, students should learn the culture of wherever they go to avoid being rude,” Ryu said. “Also, bringing gifts from home helped me a lot when making new friends.”


Zak Francis is a sports management major from St. Mary’s University in London who found it easy to apply for Niagara University’s study abroad program. “I heard about the program through one of my professors, and then decided to apply for it online.” Francis said. “There wasn’t too much paperwork, all I needed was an interview, my visa and an I-20 form.” Considering the similar cultural identity and language between the United States and England, less forms were required for Francis to represent his country as a student at Niagara University


For more information on how to study abroad, contact the Niagara Office of International Relationships by calling (716)-286-8711 or by visiting their offices located in the back of Gallagher Hall’s lower level.  


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