TBTN 2019

“Writing this article was one of the biggest accomplishments in my college career so far. This was my second semester writing for The Wire. It was one of the most challenging pieces I have written, as this topic can be extremely sensitive, and I wanted to get the survivor’s story across in the best way I could, in order to not only share what had happened to her, but to also inform those who may have also been a victim of sexual assault of where they could go for help. Thank you to TBTN for honoring us with this amazing award, and thank you to the person who had nominated us. This means the world to myself and my team at The Wire, but I couldn’t have written this article without the massive support from my editors’ and supervisor, professor Carrie Teresa. I am eternally thankful for all the beautiful opportunities, such as this, that writing for the newspaper has given me.” -Katie Snyder

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