Legendary Status

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 9.53.52 PM
Legend poses for a photoshoot. Photo supplied by walmart.com/soundcheck

LOS ANGELES, CA- What is a sign of success in Hollywood in this day and age? Is it winning an award such as an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, or Emmy? How about winning all four? John Legend, an American singer, songwriter and actor has achieved this coveted “EGOT” status this past Sunday Sept. 9th.

Not only is he the youngest individual to ever receive all four awards, but he is also the first African American to do so. The status has been around since Richard Rogers won a Tony award cementing his name in EGOT history. Since then, none of the EGOT recipients have been African American, until Legend won an Emmy for his role in “Jesus Christ Superstar” on NBC.

The EGOT is comprised of four different awards. The Emmy, which is won based on a performance in a television series. The Grammy, which is given to musicians who prove to stand out among the rest in their genre. The Oscar, which is awarded to those who work in the film industry that display true talent. And the Tony Award, seen as the more difficult award to achieve, which is earned by demonstrating skill when it comes to the performing arts and theatre.

Legend first began his quest for the coveted title when he took home a Grammy for his 2006 album “Get Lifted.” His next big win was in the form of an Oscar when he won for a best original song in a movie (“Selma”) in 2015. He won a Tony in 2017 for producing and starring in the play “Jitney” which received much critical success. Lastly he took home an Emmy for producing and starring in “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

It was a very eventful night for everybody involved, and one that will go down in both EGOT and entertainment history.

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