What to Watch: Netflix’s September Releases

With school starting back up again, Netflix is sure to become a go-to coping mechanism for students across the nation dealing with the stress of college life. Sure, some of the stress may be due to being on Netflix and not attending to actual responsibilities, but finishing a whole season in one night still feels productive. From new seasons of old favorites to original films, September is filled with new content ready to stream.

On Sep. 1 the third season of Netflix Original series “Narcos” was released. With the shocking death of Pablo Escobar during the season two finale, the show will now focus on the Cali Cartel in Columbia. Inspired by true events, the cartel attempts to evade the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the new ten episodes made for non-stop bingeing.

Also on the 1st, a new original film exclusive to Netflix become available to stream. Little Evil stars Adam Scott as Gary, who just married his dream girl Samantha (Evangeline Lily) but there is a catch: her son Lucas is the antichrist. “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” meets “The Omen” in this horror comedy full of laughs and jump scares.

On Sep. 15, an eight part original series called “American Vandal” will be available for streaming. A satire on true crime series similar to “Making a Murderer”, the series follows senior Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro), who is accused of vandalizing 27 faculty cars at a high school. As his friends and family turn on him not knowing what to believe, Maxwell seeks to prove his innocence with student-turned-investigator Perter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez).

Another highly anticipated release, Lady Gaga will be releasing a documentary titled “Gaga: Five Foot Two” on Sep. 22. With her musical comeback in 2016 with latest album Joanne to becoming the first woman to headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the documentary goes in depth into her journey back to the spotlight as well as aspects of her personal life in never before seen footage.

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