The school needs to stop spamming my email

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By: Hugh Brown

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – I check my email quite often. You never know when a class will be canceled, an assignment will be pushed back or a teacher will email me to tell me I accidentally submitted the wrong file instead of an important paper. Email is the best way to communicate with your professors, with the school’s administration or even with potential internship opportunities. It’s difficult to get work done when my email is filled with new clubs or gift card giveaways.

Every day it seems that we receive at least three to five spam emails from our own administration. Now, I can understand the need to communicate these offers to the student body and, frankly, I don’t mind having clubs reach out to me. However, sending them via the email system just gets in the way of important updates.

The best solution would be to let clubs pitch themselves through MyNU. I have no problem with a tab on MyNU that says “clubs and opportunities.” The NU Clue has important information that is relevant to the student body, but it is not read as much as I’m sure the school would like it to be. This is simply because it is delivered sandwiched between more giveaways, recruitment emails, and club updates.

This also begs the question: is the school is giving out our personal emails to outside sources such as army recruiters? Some people might not be interested in that route. If the school is not giving our emails to the recruiters, how are they getting our emails? And why do they need to email us several times a week? The military is not for everyone, and my school email is not the best place to reach me.

The school needs to leave our emails alone with their spam and set up a portal for promotions and clubs. I don’t want a gift card giveaway, and I’m not going to read your club email if it’s clogging up my inbox. So I say, for the good of both the students receiving the emails as well as the people sending them, it would be best to start a portal specifically for student opportunities. 

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