Another Hollywood couple splits up


By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Romance is dead. The world is shaking right now because recently Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called off their engagement.

Davidson and Grande met in 2014 however, they were both dating different people. Grande was dating Mac Miller, who recently passed away, and Davidson was dating Cazzie David. They both ended their relationships in May 2018 and a few weeks later Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started dating. Many people were surprised on how fast they started dating but were even more shocked when he proposed to her in June and she said yes! Now it’s October and they called off their engagement. No one really knows why.

There have been signs that their relationship has been shaky. Rumor has it, Pete Davidson has gotten death threats over their romance. “’I got a death threat. Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot. Do you know how insane that is?… I’m like ‘What did I do?’” Death threats are petrifying and this could be one cause of their breakup. However, it wasn’t just him showing signs of their breakup.

She was tweeting very emotional tweets. It hasn’t been easy for Ariana Grande because her ex-boyfriend/good friend Mac Miller had just overdosed last month. She tweeted a couple of weeks ago saying, “can i pls just have one okay day. just one. pls.” She was clearly having a rough time. Was it because of fans harassing her saying she was the cause of Mac Millers death? Or was it because her and Pete Davidson were fighting about something? Fans were concerned and they sent her love and support.

The couple are both having a difficult time speaking out about their breakup, they are covering tattoos and memories of each other. They still love each other and hope for one day to make amends.

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