Dave Coulier performs for a “Full House”

Comedian Dave Coulier, known for his role in the television series “Full House” as Joey Gladstone, performed a stand up comedy routine for Niagara University students Jan. 21 at Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. The event was put together by the Niagara University Traditions Committee as a welcome back celebration for students.

Coulier walks out looking laid back, wearing a personalized USA Hockey jersey and Converse. The students’ cheers began to fill the theater and take him by surprise.

“Calm down, I’m not John Stamos,” Coulier says.

Dave Coulier imitating a tuba

The comedian opened his segment by briefly discussing “Full House” and its success. The show aired on ABC for eight seasons from 1987 to 1995. Coulier stated that it is still being run today, syndicated in over 100 countries. He recently reprised his role as Joey Gladstone, more commonly referred to as Uncle Joey, in the new Netflix original series “Fuller House”. A continuation of the original series, “Fuller House” now has two seasons, with Coulier starring in seven as well as directing one episode.

From there, Coulier went on to poke fun at people who recognize him in public. He said he never knows when or if he will be recognized when out and about, but knows it is inevitable with how much he travels, adding that he recently hit million mile status on Delta Airlines. He most frequently encounters fans that attempt to use a “cut it out” joke on him, a joke he made popular through his role on “Full House”.

Throughout the night, the comedian did countless impressions and voice imitations of characters, including Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Patrick Star and The Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes.

“I’m somewhat of a glorified birthday clown,” Coulier says after doing his spot on

Steinig Week 1 2nd image.jpg
Coulier Imitating Patrick Star

Coulier then opened up about how he got into comedy, citing his family as the source of his immature humor. He grew up with nine uncles, all of whom he was close with. The comedian recalls whenever he saw them, they always told him to pull their arm and thus began the beginning of Coulier’s appreciation for fart jokes. He also recalled one of his earliest memories with his father and brother in the bathtub. 4 years old at the time, Coulier pooped in the tub while with his brother. His father rushes in as his brother starts crying and promptly runs back out to grab the video camera to tape the whole incident.

“To this day I still have sick, immature humor,” said Coulier. “Even as an adult, I can’t help but make a fart noise when I see someone bend over.”

Coulier wrapped up his stand up by mocking western films, stating that they always have one cowboy whipping out the harmonica and playing the saddest song known to man. Taking out his own harmonica, he treated the students with his own rendition of the blues. The students were impressed with Coulier’s skills, as seen by the thunderous clapping, despite the mockery.

The show ended with his own rendition of a tuba noise, Coulier’s so called “clincher” as he stated at the beginning of his routine that he usually lacks a strong ending to his jokes. Niagara students laughed one last time before the comedian walked off the stage. Despite calling himself a “glorified birthday clown”, he got students to laugh with him just like they do with Uncle Joey, except this time, Coulier was playing the role of himself.

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