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The YWCA of the Niagara Frontier hosts Institute for Public Leadership Workshop

By Brittany Rosso NIAGARA UNIVERSTIY, N.Y.- On Saturday, March 24 the YWCA of the Niagara Frontier hosted their Institute for Public Leadership Workshop in the Russell J. Salvatore Dining commons. The day’s itinerary included speakers from women in our local community and politics, as well as presentations on how to run a campaign and what it… Continue reading The YWCA of the Niagara Frontier hosts Institute for Public Leadership Workshop

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NONE Generation

The NONE generation: lack of faith on campuses By: Francesca Gugino Millennials, those born from 1983- 2000 according to U.S. PIRG, have the highest rate of non-affiliation with religion. This means that the millennial generation does not report to being part of any specific religious sect or denomination. According to the Pew Research Center 36%… Continue reading NONE Generation

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Strangers: Prey at Night- Another disappointing sequel?

Recently, "The Strangers: Prey at Night" premiered, 10 years after the original "The Strangers" came out. Taken place in a secluded trailer park, the story follows the same three invaders who target an emotionally struggling family of four. The film gives a deep background on the family and their troubles with their daughter Kinsey, who… Continue reading Strangers: Prey at Night- Another disappointing sequel?

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Top 5 places to eat near NU

If you aren't a local student, it may be hard for you to figure out the best places to eat. Of course, it is easy to find chain food restaurants, but it is much more difficult to find small business or rare restaurants, especially coming to an unfamiliar area. This list is composed of unique… Continue reading Top 5 places to eat near NU

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Take Back the Night Preview

Take Back the Night: “Rise Lead Inspire” By Francesca Gugino On Wednesday, April 4, Niagara University will host its third annual Take Back the Night event (TBTN). TBTN is a national movement that promotes and advocates for the end to all sexual violence including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and all other forms of… Continue reading Take Back the Night Preview

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Emergency preparedness on Niagara University’s campus

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - On Tuesday, March 6, Niagara University held the final of two ‘Emergency Preparedness’ meetings for faculty and staff. The hour long meeting addressed fire safety on campus, specifically speaking about fire prevention and evacuation in compliance with fire and state codes. The Emergency Preparedness seminars sparked questions on campus regarding furthering… Continue reading Emergency preparedness on Niagara University’s campus

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What’s NU with NUSGA?

Photo by Andrew Emmons. By Stephanie Rosso Niagara University Student Government Association (NUSGA) has been busy the past year making big changes and improvements for the Niagara University community. In the fall, NUSGA created a one-year plan. The list includes improvements and ideas for all areas of the university. In September NUSGA held the grand… Continue reading What’s NU with NUSGA?