Miss Monte


Ask Miss Monte is written by a student at Niagara University. She has been extremely involved in campus life at Niagara. While at NU, Miss Monte has taken an interest in Sociology and various related minors. Throughout her life, she has experienced many adversities that has shaped her into the woman she is today. As a child, Miss Monte aka Maria took on the role of the empathic friend. She was popular around her school because of her warm and inviting personality.

Even Though she was kind and loving, she also had a sassy side. As she grew up, she began giving casual advice to her friends about relationships, academic problems and dealing with average teenage problems. Miss Monte’s dream of giving back to others and giving advice has now been fulfilled in the Niagara Wire.

With a open-mind and an open heart, Miss Monte hopes that her readers trust to ask questions about their life problems. She strives to give straightforward advice that doesn’t beat around the bush with tough love and honesty. “As students we feel the stress of adulting, family, relationships and most importantly academics. Understanding that these experiences shape who we are and how these experiences affect us is one of the primary reasons for the Miss Monte column.”

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