Students travel to Belgium for EuroSim conference

By: Kevin McDonnell ANTWERP- This winter break students from across the university travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to participate in the EuroSim conference at the University of Antwerp. EuroSim is similar to the Model United Nations in that students partake in a simulated version of the European Union to discuss an issue area and come to … Continue reading Students travel to Belgium for EuroSim conference

Republican, Mitt Romney, votes to convict President Trump

By: Nina Grenga NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.-  On Feb. 5, President Trump was acquitted of the two charges against him during his impeachment trial. In a surprising turn of events, Republican Senator Mitt Romney announced his bid to convict Trump. This announcement came before the official acquittal, making Romney the first Republican to support Trump's removal … Continue reading Republican, Mitt Romney, votes to convict President Trump

Geological Good Fortune

By: Emily Forkey NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Just outside of Niagara University’s campus sits Hooker Hyde Park landfill, now known as Occidental Chemical Corporation (OCC). From 1953-1975, the 15 acre area contained 80,000 tons of waste, some being hazardous. Niagara University was left deciding how to handle this crisis, responding to the chemical dumpsite right … Continue reading Geological Good Fortune

Fast Fashion Filling Landfills

By: Krysta Broeker Cleaning out your closet seems like a great way to get rid of the outdated threads you have lying around your house, making room for new ones to replace them quickly. But what do you do with your old clothing items? Many Americans may try bringing them to a consignment shop or … Continue reading Fast Fashion Filling Landfills

Muslim Student Alliance: Uyghur Concentration Camps

By: Matthew Mckenzie XINJIANG, CHINA- When most think about Islam they do not generally think of China, but the country is home to a large population of Muslims, that ethnically identifies as uyghur. The Chinese province of Xinjiang is very close to middle east and was taken over by the Chinese communist party in 1944. … Continue reading Muslim Student Alliance: Uyghur Concentration Camps

Consenting to Our Own Demise

By: Ben Schian & Jess Michalski When holding ourselves accountable for the actions we take we must look at all individuals involved and ensure that everyone is consenting to the action being taken. Consent is the key to any acceptable action. Consent is an affirmative yes.   Individually, consent is an interwoven part of society … Continue reading Consenting to Our Own Demise

At The School House Door: Education Inequality and Modern Segregation

by Max Liebel   4/10/19   NIAGARA UNIVERSITY- Our history as Americans is something that seems lost in today's context, why? For some it is simpler this way. To say “That's the way things are” is often easier for those who don't face inequity on a daily basis. Discrimination in the United States is not … Continue reading At The School House Door: Education Inequality and Modern Segregation

The world’s largest election

By Matthew McKenzie NEW DEHLI, INDIA- Starting on April 11, over 900 million potential voters in 29 states and in 7 smaller territories will be heading to the polls for the general elections of the world's biggest democracy: India. This will be another instance of record breaking voter eligibility for the nation, after they set … Continue reading The world’s largest election

Graham wins

By: Alex BockNIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- The votes are in and Nick Graham, a junior finance major, has been elected as the new student-body president for the 2019-2020 academic year."Never did I imagine I'd be doing this," Graham stated when discussing his journey in NUSGA since freshman year. "I went to one of the interest meetings … Continue reading Graham wins

Changemaker profile: Remi

By: Alison Chodak NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Varsity Village house two loves animals, especially the house cat: Remi. Remi is a small shorthair cat who provides comfort and affection to each person living in the house. Her official owner is Alyssa Gambacorta. Gambacorta is a transfer student, who’s a junior and a Hospitality major. Remi has … Continue reading Changemaker profile: Remi