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Fair Trade, know what you’re buying

Conscious consumption: the importance of Fairtrade By: Francesca Gugino Dave Crosby Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Consumer culture calls for buyers to seek the newest trends and to also purchase what they need at affordable prices. The increase in competition may seem to be what is driving prices of many imported goods down, but… Continue reading Fair Trade, know what you’re buying

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NONE Generation

The NONE generation: lack of faith on campuses By: Francesca Gugino Millennials, those born from 1983- 2000 according to U.S. PIRG, have the highest rate of non-affiliation with religion. This means that the millennial generation does not report to being part of any specific religious sect or denomination. According to the Pew Research Center 36%… Continue reading NONE Generation

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Take Back the Night Preview

Take Back the Night: “Rise Lead Inspire” By Francesca Gugino On Wednesday, April 4, Niagara University will host its third annual Take Back the Night event (TBTN). TBTN is a national movement that promotes and advocates for the end to all sexual violence including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and all other forms of… Continue reading Take Back the Night Preview

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Bridging the 38th Parallel

Bridging the 38th Parallel North and South Korea come together for 2018 Winter Olympics By: Francesca Gugino On Feb. 9, North and South Korean olympic athletes marched together at the opening ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea. The olympians carried the Korean Unification Flag, rather than the two separate country flags, symbolizing unity and togetherness after… Continue reading Bridging the 38th Parallel

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Budgeting for study

How to make a semester abroad affordable By: Francesca Gugino Studying abroad is a great way to travel, experience a new culture, enrich college education and even seek volunteer or internship opportunities in a field related to one’s major. However, only about 10% of United States' students study abroad during undergrad. Why? For some, being… Continue reading Budgeting for study

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Don’t forget where you belong

Don’t forget where you belong By: Francesca Gugino NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. Choosing the right college is so difficult because for many it is the first independent decision that we get to make: where are we spending the next four years of our life and what will we do? It can make for a stressful senior… Continue reading Don’t forget where you belong


Chanting for change, Buffalo Women’s March 2018

"Exploring feminism" by Francesca Gugino BUFFALO, N.Y. Feminism. As a society, we are at odds with what that word means, who it represents and what stigmas come with being labeled a feminist. Is it as inter-sectional as we want it to be or limited to the issues of those who are already empowered? Lately, I… Continue reading Chanting for change, Buffalo Women’s March 2018