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Don’t forget where you belong

Don’t forget where you belong By: Francesca Gugino NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. Choosing the right college is so difficult because for many it is the first independent decision that we get to make: where are we spending the next four years of our life and what will we do? It can make for a stressful senior… Continue reading Don’t forget where you belong


Chanting for change, Buffalo Women’s March 2018

"Exploring feminism" by Francesca Gugino BUFFALO, N.Y. Feminism. As a society, we are at odds with what that word means, who it represents and what stigmas come with being labeled a feminist. Is it as inter-sectional as we want it to be or limited to the issues of those who are already empowered? Lately, I… Continue reading Chanting for change, Buffalo Women’s March 2018