Tips for living a healthier lifestlye

By David Wojtkowski Living a healthy lifestyle can be an incredibly difficult task in modern society.  It just seems like everything is stacked against you at times. Here are a few tips to help set you on the path to living a healthier life. START OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT Before you make all these … Continue reading Tips for living a healthier lifestlye

It doesn’t take a fortnight to get good at “Fortnite”

By: David Wojtkowski With the start of season seven on the horizon and the newly bestowed title of “Game of the Year” on its shoulders, "Fortnite" is bigger than ever.  This free online shooter recently crossed the 200 million players mark and got its creators valued over $15 billion. Here are a few tips to … Continue reading It doesn’t take a fortnight to get good at “Fortnite”

How to have a happy and healthy holiday

By David Wojtkowski The holiday season tends to throw a wrench into diet plans.  With the one-two punch of Thanksgiving and Christmas back to back there is always a plethora of delicious holiday treats to tempt one off their diet.  This is a guide to help you partake in the festivities without having it set … Continue reading How to have a happy and healthy holiday

A beginner’s guide to the gym

By David Wojtkowski NIAGARA UNIVERSITY N.Y.- Gyms can be intimidating to the inexperienced.  With so many machines scattered about and judgmental meatheads looking around it can be difficult to get started.  Here is a full body workout that you can do without hopping on a machine, as they’re already pretty self-explanatory and easy to use. … Continue reading A beginner’s guide to the gym

Dare to watch “Daredevil” season 3?

By: David Wojtkowski NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.- On Friday, Oct. 19, Netflix released season three of Marvel’s “Daredevil.”  Charlie Cox reprises his role as the Matt Murdock/Daredevil, a blind ninja vigilante who goes and beats people up with his bare hands.  Based on the Marvel comics superhero and set in the Marvel cinematic universe, it … Continue reading Dare to watch “Daredevil” season 3?

How useful are the nutrition sheets at Clet Dining Hall?

  By: David Wojtkowski NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. - Clet Dining Hall, a dining option frequently visited by NU students, has displays that shows the day’s menu as well as some nutritional information of that food, but that information could be better at helping students reach their fitness goals, especially if one’s goal is to build … Continue reading How useful are the nutrition sheets at Clet Dining Hall?

Kiernan adds new “multi-jungle” system

By David Wojtkowski NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y- Niagara University’s Kiernan Center added a new machine to its muscle building factory.  The new “multi-jungle” cable system was added over the summer, replacing an older version, which was there for over 20 years. The machine is a 7x19 frame with multiple pulley systems with cords gym goers can … Continue reading Kiernan adds new “multi-jungle” system

Three styles of fitness

By David Wojtkowski In general, there are three main styles of fitness: strengthening, bulking and toning.  One must train differently in terms of how much they eat, how much cardio they do, and how many reps they perform with what weight. A rep, short for repetition, is one full motion of the exercise being completed. … Continue reading Three styles of fitness