New Project at Niagara University: Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Center for Ethics in Medicine and Healthcare

    LEWISTON NY – On April 18th Niagara University hosted a ceremony to announce the Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Center for Ethics in Medicine and Healthcare. The gracious gift of $4.1 million dollars was donated to Niagara University by Ostapenko, a German native who moved to America in the 1930s. She received her doctorate … Continue reading New Project at Niagara University: Rose Bente Lee Ostapenko Center for Ethics in Medicine and Healthcare

Exam Anxieties

  Anxiety is a feeling that many people face when it comes to an event or an outcome. We experience anxiety because we naturally have a fear of failure. With exam season slowly creeping up on us, exams can take a toll on our mental aptitude and peace of mind. Whether it is not knowing … Continue reading Exam Anxieties

7 Seconds Review

7 seconds by Veena Sud does a phenomenal job depicting the racial tensions in America and within the justice system. The story line causes the viewer to feel a range of emotions from anger, to empathy because of the racial biases and power dynamics. From the start the writer establishes two parallel story lines, first, … Continue reading 7 Seconds Review

Changemakers – Dana Radatz

By: Breanne Guevara They say you’ll never work a day in your life, if you love what you do, because everything that comes from it will have purpose and meaning. Dr. Dana Radatz is the definition of loving what she does. Dr. Radatz received her doctorate in criminal justice and criminology and is currently an … Continue reading Changemakers – Dana Radatz

Victoria Rampado the G.O.A.T

By: Breanne Guevara Victoria Rampado has officially become the G.O.A.T for the women’s basketball program at Niagara University. Currently in her fifth year at NU, Rampado has made a name for herself from the moment she stepped on the court. Rampado is tied for fifth place for the most rebounds making history during the Monmouth game … Continue reading Victoria Rampado the G.O.A.T

New local artist

By: Breanne Guevara Asante Carroll, also referred to as SECKO, is currently a student here at Niagara University who is trying to make a name for himself in the music industry. Secko makes hip hop music and rap, in a interview he said, “In today’s music rap has a new definition and it can be … Continue reading New local artist

To Our Daughter- Kylie Jenner pregnancy journey

On Sunday Feb 4th, Kylie Jenner puts an end to all the circulating baby rumours by posting a statement on Instagram apologizing for keeping all her fans in the dark for the past 5 months. Rumours had started circulating about Jenner’s pregnancy around September of 2017 when she withdrew her presence from social media. Jenner … Continue reading To Our Daughter- Kylie Jenner pregnancy journey

A legacy we dreamed of…

By Breanne Guevara On Jan. 25 at 4 p.m, the Office of Multi Cultural Affairs held the third annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. award ceremony located in the Multi Purpose Room in the Gallagher Center. Avril Harbin and two graduate  assistants organized the ceremony, with intentions of honoring King Jr.'s legacy. Simone Beckford, a graduate … Continue reading A legacy we dreamed of…