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Black Panther member visits NU

By Alex Bock Students, professors, and administrators alike gathered in the Multi purpose room in Lower Level Gallagher Center on April 11th to listen and learn about the history of the Black Panthers.  Sekou Odinga, a Black Panther member from New York City, spoke to the audience about his experiences and struggles. This included being locked… Continue reading Black Panther member visits NU

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Diving Deeper into NU’s Recycling

by, Corey Nash & Alex Bock Niagara University, NY.- How many students can positively say they recycle all the time? Even if you do, how many can guarantee that your can or bottle is going to get recycled? Recently, word has been spreading across campus about Niagara's recycling habits. While there are a bunch of… Continue reading Diving Deeper into NU’s Recycling


NU students voice their opinions on dining commons

Alex Bock Niagara University, NY- The Niagara University community prides itself in providing students with a positive and enjoyable dining experience. In addition to the expansion of Clet Dining Hall, the Dining Hall also added more vegetarian and vegan options for students. In the Gallagher Center, multiple restaurants, including the Gally Grille, have lowered the… Continue reading NU students voice their opinions on dining commons

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Niagara Falls residents issues in the area

Niagara Falls is one of the seven wonders of the world. The city is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, bringing in billions of tourists every year. People venture from all over the world to the see the Falls, something that for millions of people, is a once in a lifetime… Continue reading Niagara Falls residents issues in the area