Cardi B: Invasion Of Privacy Review

Cardi B is from Bronx, N. She started to gain popularity when she debuted on VH1's Love and Hip-Hop New York as a season regular cast member. Her "no filter" attitude and openly talking about her background as a stripper, is what pushed her stardom over the edge and this is when her fan base … Continue reading Cardi B: Invasion Of Privacy Review

Drake’s Video Nice For What: Insider POV Jasmine Collins

On April 6, Drake debuted 'Nice For What', a record contributing to the groundbreaking women's movement that has been taking the world by storm. This single is an ode to women, a message expressing that they don't need to be nice to men even after a man has done them wrong or treated them badly. … Continue reading Drake’s Video Nice For What: Insider POV Jasmine Collins

Safe Places in Buffalo

It is a harsh reality that nearly one in four women in the U.S will experience domestic violence in there lifetime, and even more devastating, the perpetrator will almost always be someone that they know. On most occasions violence against women occurs behind close doors, and most cases having never been reported to the police. … Continue reading Safe Places in Buffalo

A healthier lifestyle on campus

By Akira Thornton For every college student it is a challenge to eat healthier on campus. Balancing school, a job, hobbies, and a social life, many students find it difficult to pick up a nutritional meal throughout the day.  According to a study of student eating habits published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior … Continue reading A healthier lifestyle on campus

Winter fashion: what’s trending?

By: Akira Thornton Dressing for freezing temperatures can often be difficult, walking the line of being trendy and staying warm isn't the most ideal. Don't worry you are not alone, all over campus many of us are wearing the same jacket everyday, and sometimes we're in need of a serious switch up.  Here are a … Continue reading Winter fashion: what’s trending?

Boyfriend or Bum?

By: Akira Thornton We've all been there. Every woman has dealt with a guy that she sees "great potential" in, and yet, this is where so many women go wrong. We'll fall head over heels for a guy, meanwhile, he is continuously showing red flags that he isn't the one. We all fall victim to … Continue reading Boyfriend or Bum?

Flu Season: A Guide To Surviving The Flu

As flu season approaches, the CDC is predicting this will be one of the worst flu epidemics in years. Doctors are advocating heavily that everyone should get there flu shots to prevent the influenza from spreading even more than it has been in recent months. The flu is spreading massively throughout the U.S, and H3N2 … Continue reading Flu Season: A Guide To Surviving The Flu

Kylie Jenner pregnant? Here’s everything you need to know

On September 22, 2017, social media flooded with rumors of Kylie Jenner possibly being pregnant to chart-topping rapper, Travis Scott. Jenner had been presumably dating for only 7 months. Days after, there was no denial or confirmation if the accusation was true or false, which led to the internet coming to their own conclusions about … Continue reading Kylie Jenner pregnant? Here’s everything you need to know