Farewell Senior Editors 2020


Franklin Heinzmann, Sports Editor

When I first joined the Niagara Wire in the Fall of 2017, I had joined it because it was being offered as a class. I thought worst case scenario I could get credits out of it and move on and best case scenario I would write a couple stories and see my name in the paper, but ultimately move on. My expectations were shattered. Just over two years later, I can say I’ve: been the Sports Editor of a collegiate newspaper, interviewed some of the greatest athletes and coaches at NU, co-hosted a sports podcast and a sports talk radio show with the Wire, I was featured in a commercial for NU and asked to talk about my time at the Wire, and made numerous lifelong friends in the process – all because I signed up for CMS 360A Student Journalism in my Sophomore year. I want to thank each one of my Sports writers I’ve had over the past two years, my fellow Editorial Board members, and the advisors of the Wire – seeing everyone was easily the best part of going down to the newsroom each week.


Ava Mrozik, InDesign Coordinator

Two years ago, I joined the Niagara Wire with my friend, Sarah, who wanted to try it out with me. I was a little hesitant at first as I felt like my writing skills weren’t good enough to be part of such a talented class/club. However, I found a passion for designing the newspaper and also improving my writing skills along the way. Now looking back, I’m glad that I tried new things and asked for help when I needed it because my passion for writing and InDesign are skills that will stay with me forever. Aside from the skills I’ve gained from joining the Niagara Wire, I also met amazing and incredibly talented people that I can proudly call my friends. This includes the editors who were constantly supportive, caring, and hard-working as I feel honored to have worked with them. The Niagara Wire was a safe place for me where I always knew I had the support and comfort from other students who were going through similar experiences as I was. I know the Niagara Wire will continue to help other students with their interests in writing, photography and InDesign but most importantly, the Niagara Wire gives students a voice, one that will make them special in their own unique way.

Nina Grenga, Entertainment Editor

I will never fully be able to articulate how much my time with the Wire has meant to me. I’ve grown as a writer, a leader, and an overall better person. Around three years ago when Dr. Carrie Teresa suggested I join, I was beyond tentative. Now, I want to thank her for changing my college experience for the better. I also want to thank Professor Maloni and Dr. Reilly for helping us through our final year with the newspaper. Finally, I want to thank my fellow editors for being the greatest group of peers, coworkers, and friends I could ever ask for. To say working with you all was an honor, is an understatement. My hope for the Wire moving forward is that it continues to present the truth despite the obstacles and that it continues to be the voice for our campus. I will miss this organization tremendously, but I will cherish the memories forever.

Sarah Rance, Opinions Editor

After being part of the Niagara Wire for two years, I can honestly say it has impacted me in the best way. I was more than hesitant about joining at first, but I am so glad that I did. The Wire allowed me to be around a smart, kind and determined group of people. It also allowed me to share stories and my thoughts. Finally, it allowed me to gain experience working alongside other people to produce a final product. The Niagara Wire is so important, as it allows students to have a voice. When I became the Opinions editor, my goal was to publish stories that produced change. I hope we achieved that, and I hope that continues to happen in the future. I will definitely miss the Wire after graduation. It has allowed me to grow as a person and I will always be grateful for that. To the staff, fellow editors, and advisors, thank you for making my college experience all the more memorable.  Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 8.33.09 PM

Liam Cuddy, News Editor

I never realized how truly important journalism was until I joined The Wire. And even though this isn’t the farewell I had originally imagined, I am, and will be forever grateful for all that it has taught me. Beginning as a writer, The Wire gave me the ability to express myself creatively in so many different ways, but more importantly, it allowed me to be amongst the ranks of many other creative individuals, all of whom were in the pursuit of a personal passion. I was able to work amongst future novel writers, podcasters, film makers, book-shop owners, incredible painters and artists of every discipline one could think of. The best way to foster creativity is to surround yourself with creative thinkers, and that wasn’t hard to do when working with the staff. I eventually found myself sitting in the hard news editor chair, which opened up a whole new spectrum of experiences, and shed light on just how deeply caring the writers were. The Wire shaped my college experience in the best of ways, and I can’t imagine how things would have looked if I didn’t sign up so many semesters ago. I know that despite the many changes that Niagara University will see throughout its life, the creative spirit of The Niagara Wire will always shine through. Thank you to all that made it what it is. 

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