Rolling Stones return to Buffalo

By: Michael Taber

BUFFALO, N.Y.- Guess who’s back in town? The Rolling Stones will go on their “No Filter” tour with a special stop in Buffalo, N.Y. With an electrifying stage show, The Stones are by far the most magnificent rock band of all time. Lead singer Mick Jagger is more than a musician, but a genius.

The Rolling Stones concerts typically last for about five hours with over sixty-five hits from over six decades. The Stones have not retired yet as they continue to keep their legend going, making their talent unmatched. Their best songs have been favorites dating back to 1965 “Jumpin Jack Flash,” “Paint it Black,” “Wild Horses,” “Brown Sugar,” and “Start Me Up.” Their creativity and energy are comparable to Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.

The last time The Rolling Stones played in Buffalo was July 11, 2015. This year they will return to New Era Field in Orchard Park on Jun. 6. Events like these are once in a lifetime opportunities, so it is important to participate if you have the chance.

Featured image by: “The Rolling Stones” by Mexicaans fotomagazijn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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