“Worst Dressed” lists have to go

By: Nina Grenga

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Awards season is upon us and with that comes the influx of lists either praising or tearing down the looks worn on the red carpet. Although they can be interpreted as lighthearted, it seems no one tends to put themselves in the shoes of those targeted.

Oftentimes during these awards seasons, magazines such as Vogue will film some of the honorees/guests of the shows preparing for the big night. The stars’ preparations typically take the entire day and that’s not even including the conjuring of the actual garments. Designers will spend months creating the perfect look for their clients while incorporating their artistic perspective, only to have their work berated for being unique.

Imagine after months of excitement, the big event comes and within minutes of walking the red carpet, you are being scrutinized not only on social media but by publications as well. So many things in life are subjective, so how are we to simply categorize people’s individuality between either “good” or “bad?” The purpose of the award shows is to celebrate talent and creativity, yet the first articles to come out are focused on criticizing appearances.

“Worst Dressed” lists are not journalism, they are a form of bullying and a cheap way to get viewership. Hopefully, as a society we can evolve from such simple-minded ways.

Featured Image: “February 24, What to wear…” by marcusjroberts is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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