Top five episodes of “The Office”

By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Here is a list of the top five episodes of “The Office” and why so many people love it. 

5.) “The Injury”- This episode is so iconic. Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill after getting up for work, he comes into the office and demands special treatment from everyone. This episode is so funny especially when Jim starts popping Michael’s “cast” because Michael couldn’t get a real cast. It’s just funny to see how Michael wants to be treated and how the office doesn’t care because he only burned his foot. This episode is so loved because of how bizarre the situation is and the fact that Michael came into work. It is a must watch. 

4.) “The Job”- This episode is wonderful because it is the episode where Jim and Pam get together. Everyone since Season One has wanted Jim and Pam to be together and it is happening. It’s also hilarious because Michael is being typical Michael in this episode. Jan ends up getting a boob job and Michael gets back together with her because of the boob job. It is a longer episode because it is a season finale but again, it is a must watch. 

3.) “Niagara Parts 1 and 2”- These are the episodes where Jim and Pam get married. Everyone from the office is invited and going, and of course there are so many things that go wrong. The best part of the episode however; is where you see Jim and Pam becoming man and wife and you see Michael’s face. Michael’s face is just pure happiness, this is all he wanted and he’s never been so happy for his two loved employees. This is a “feel good” episode but, of course there is comedy, like Andy doing a split with his keys in his pocket.  

2.) “Goodbye Toby”- This is the episode where Holly Flax is introduced in the series, and Toby Flenderson leaves the office to move to Costa Rica. Michael hates Toby and is so thrilled, at first he does not like Holly because she works in HR however; she makes Michael laugh and that’s how the sparks flew. Michael and Holly’s relationship is a long, complicated one. It is the start to Michael finding his soulmate and it really shows how much Michael does not like Toby which again, is hilarious.  

1.) “Dinner Party”- is the funniest episode around. The episode is about Michael and Jan having a few couples over from the office at their condo and of course it’s an odd dinner party. In behind the scenes clips, the actors didn’t know if they could make it through the episode because they were laughing so hard. “Dinner Party” is so iconic, that it is one of the most quotable episodes.

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