Students travel to Belgium for EuroSim conference

By: Kevin McDonnell

ANTWERP- This winter break students from across the university travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to participate in the EuroSim conference at the University of Antwerp.

EuroSim is similar to the Model United Nations in that students partake in a simulated version of the European Union to discuss an issue area and come to an agreement or solution into how to move forward. Students are assigned elected members of different countries such as Prime Minister to emulate the way those officials would make decisions on the given topic.

This conference’s topic was sanctions against Russia and Iran and the conversations were lively as the event took place in the midst of actual U.S. missile strikes against Iran. The group was comprised of 11 students and one faculty advisor from the Department of Political Science Dr. Christopher Lee who teaches a section of Comparative Politics that addresses the European Union.

Dr. Lee had this to say about the EuroSim conference, “EuroSim is the best thing since fire and the wheel,” he said jokingly. He went on to say “EuroSim is a fantastic opportunity for students to participate in a really interesting activity and interact with students from all over the world.”

The EuroSim this year hosted students from over 40 countries and is now is in its 33rd year. The next EuroSim conference is slated to be held here at Niagara University in spring of 2021. For more information about the program email

Featured Image by: “Travel” by Adriana de Melo is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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