Social media: for it or against it?

By: Alison Chodak 

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Social media is the topic of many people’s conversations and it will be for a while. There’s so many topics to discuss in today’s social media, such as news, gossip, and of course celebrities. I went around campus and asked four students what they thought of social media and what social media means to them.

What social media do you use a lot? 

Julia Gauthier, a freshman Hospitality student, uses Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook the most. Katie Zieziula, a sophomore Nursing student, uses Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter a lot. Amber Alicea, a junior Criminal Justice major, uses Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook the most. And lastly, Alexa Ciprich, a senior Hospitality major, says she uses Instagram, Snapchat and VSCO a lot. A lot of these answers were the same but, this just shows that everyone is trying to communicate on different social media platforms.  

Do you think social media helps or hurts you in college? And why? 

 Gauthier said both, because she spends countless hours of doing homework but it gives her breaks which she thoroughly enjoys. Zieziula said it hurts college students because it negatively infects people’s mental health. Alicea stated both because she could spend countless of hours doing homework but it can be a bad influence. Finally, Ciprich said both because it makes it easier to make friends and stay connected with your friends from home but it can be very distracting. Social media always has its ups and downs which can clearly be stated in this paragraph. It’s a distraction but a beautiful distraction.

What do you think your life would be like without social media? 

Gauthier stated she would be more disconnected to people I don’t see or talk to, and she would be a bit bored. Zieziula said she would read more books and feel connected to people because she would be off her phone more. Alicea said it would be boring because when she has nothing better going on she goes on it. She wouldn’t know the feeling of what it’s like to be addicted to social media. Ciprich stated life without social media would be very different because it gives students the chance to learn much more than ever. Social media is a big part of many peoples’ lives and to get rid of it would be a huge adjustment.

I asked them one final question which was:  

Why do you go on it?  

Each of the four respondents answered this question with a similar response: to keep up with everyone and the news. Social media is the news and without it, people would have a completely different life. Many people think life would be better if we got rid of social media but others are against that. What do you think? Are you for or against social media?


Photo by Alison Chodak

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