NU’s new Nest

Picture by: Spencer Vadnais

By: Spencer Vadnais

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – The time had finally come. The final unveiling of The Nest, the newest lounge space for all NU students, was fast approaching. The cameras from local news stations slowly packed up and prepared to leave as students filed through the doors, the gravity of the situation setting in. Fragments of purple ribbon rest on the floor, their purpose of keeping the space closed had ended with a ceremonial slice from gleaming scissors and the doors unlocked. The Nest was finally open and ready for use. 

Soon after its grand opening, the Nest was made available to all students through swiping to enter the main area of the nest through the ground floor of O’Shea Hall. All students can now access O’Shea Hall at any time of day. The days to come would prove immensely successful for students seeking to utilize the space for their own studying or their preferred place to hang out with friends or watch sports – the new space readily fulfilling its purpose.

The Nest itself is separated into two primary parts for student use. As requested by the booming Niagara University Esports Team, a separate and secure space with top of the line gaming computers was constructed. This space allows Esports players to practice and congregate in their own space as needed. 

Bryce Molnar, President and Student Coordinator for the Esports Organization, has stated that the computer lounge is restricted to Esports personnel only for regular use. Molnar expressed his excitement and relief at the completion of the space.

“The best part about it is that it’s done,” Molnar said. “We have been waiting two years for this! It’s all here!”

Molnar happily explained that members of the Esports Organization would finally have their own space to congregate and practice. He’s also stated that tours would be conducted by himself or other administrators of Esports and would allow other students into the lab to explain the organization to prospective members. 

Outside the exclusive Esports lounge, there lies an advanced and open lounge for all students. This lounge includes several 86 inch, ultra-high definition, LG smart TVs. Each TV is connected to cable, supplied by Niagara University, and allows students to connect their own devices via two open HDMI ports affixed to the walls underneath each TV. On nearby panels, volume and input controls for each TV are labelled and kept within easy reach in order to control the TVs to the leisure of each user of the TV. 

There are also numerous outlets and USB charging ports for any device that a student could bring to The Nest. From a student’s laptop or phone to consoles, such as Xboxes and Nintendo Switches can be enjoyed in The Nest as well as the company of friends. Newly unveiled, a space where purple eagles want to rest will find their place inside the Nest.


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