Towering performance: New technology acquired for eSports team

By: Spencer Vadnais

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – As the semester draws to a close and the new student lounge nears its finalization, the technology to flood the requisitioned eSports section of the lounge with RGB lighting and whirring fans has made its debut on campus. 

Unboxed and being rigorously tested by NU’s own Information Technologies team as well as high ranked NU eSports players, the state-of-the-art desktop computers glow with custom set and controlled rainbow lighting to illuminate the inside of the glimmering white towers.

The towers also each boast an immensely powerful RTX 2060 graphics card; each one powerful enough to render photorealistic images and textures for stunning and beautiful visuals or fast enough to deliver shorter response times for more competitive games. 

The technical professionals behind the machines being used made sure that every ounce of potential was being used to its fullest with carefully selected 1080p monitors. Each twenty-four inch curved monitor outputs crystal clear picture for each player to note every aspect of a game. Players with experience and skill will find the one-millisecond response time smooth and intuitive for their games and scrimmages. 

Overall, the newly arrived and tested computers are nothing short of extraordinarily powerful and fluid from a technical standpoint. are sure to allow the NU eSports team to practice on top of the line machines and hone their skills for official tournaments.


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