This turkey is terrible, no literally

By: Alison Chodak

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- “ThanksKilling” is a movie about a killer turkey named Turkie that stalks a group of friends and kills anyone in their way. No one has ever heard of this movie because the budget to make the film was $3,500. The movie was written and directed by Jordan Downey. This movie was made in 2008 and is described as a horror comedy. The comedy though is just very bad. The jokes aren’t even funny and the tacky main character, Turkie, has an overall poor design; this could be attributed to the film’s low budget. 

The other characters aren’t even interesting either. There is one character who is portrayed as sleazy and dumb. Let me tell you, she is not the brightest in this movie. For instance, one of the main characters named Kristen, believes Turkie is her dad. Turkie is wearing a mask and she believes it. Horror movie lovers will love the gore though. There is a bunch of gore even though the budget wasn’t large.  And some practical effects look actually decent.

The failures that come to this movie are the plot, the characters, the writing and the directing. The amount of redeemable qualities to this film are slight. The plot is awful because there are chaotic mismatched scenes in the movie. It jumps from a story about Turkie to the characters driving, but it overall just doesn’t work. In the beginning, it starts from the first Thanksgiving and then cuts to present day quickly with no explanation. 

If you want to watch a stupid movie with your friends before thanksgiving, watch this one. There is also a sequel to this movie called “ThanksKilling 3” and that one is even worse than this one. The movies can be found on YouTube and they are not free. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eating turkey has never been so scary. 

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