Understanding your Sun, Moon and Rising signs

By: Samantha Illenz 

A zodiac sign is defined as the twelve astrological signs, each named for a constellation. Some people read about their signs and or horoscopes and automatically resonate with it and think to themselves, “Oh wow, that is such an accurate description of me”. Some skeptics read about zodiacs and recognize that sometimes the descriptions and adjectives used to describe a certain sign are sometimes broad and could apply to everyone. Each of us have multiple zodiac signs for each of the planets in our solar system, but most of us are only familiar with one. Once you understand the three main signs, the sun, moon, and rising signs, you may realize that the characteristics of your three signs are more recognizable within yourself. 

Most of us are mainly familiar with our sun signs because it is the most commonly talked about. The sun sign is based on the position of the sun at the moment of your birth. Your sun sign explains the core of who you are and your being. Because the sun is located in the center of our solar system, it is fitting that it represents our core. Your sun sign is your personality traits, which is why it’s most commonly talked about because it is easier to recognize your personality traits through your sun sign. 

The second most important influence in your zodiac chart is the moon sign. The moon sign is, like the sun sign, based on the position of the moon at the moment of your birth. Your moon sign describes your deep, emotional, subconscious self. The zodiac sign that is ruled by the moon are the cancers. Cancers are known for their deep and abundance of emotions. This can also explain why your moon sign describes your process of emotions and how you subconsciously act and feel.

The moon sign rules over the parts of yourself that are often the deepest, beneath the surface parts of yourself. Rising signs, also known as the ascendent sign is based on the point of the horizon, which is where the sun rises each day. This is why it is called the rising or ascendant sign. Your rising sign explains your outer self and how you present yourself. You can think of it like how someone would explain their first impression of you if they met you at a party. The rising sign can also be explained as the zodiac sign someone who just met you might guess that you are. It is your overall demeanor, more focused on the basic outward part of yourself. 

To find your sun, moon, and rising sign, you must know the city you were born in, as well as the exact time and date you were born. Understanding the different signs can help you resonate with your signs and understand what they mean. 

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