NU Celebrates Hospitality Day


By: Mike Taber

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, Lewiston, N.Y. – This year Niagara University had a great turnout for “Alumni Advantage Day” students are provided network opportunities that lead them to success in the hospitality industry. This years theme is the 2021 summer games in Canada that will have a great impact on the future of western New York. Special thanks to Wendy O’Malley Assistant to the Dean, Kristina Bradshaw Assistant Dean and Young Soi Choi Dean of Hospitality. Hard work and dedication to the Hospitality Industry will, and always does pay off.


Alumni Advantage Day is an opportunity for students to meet former Alumni to build both networking and communication skills. Every year successful alumni are welcomed back to roundtables of discussion.

Dr. Young Soi Choi was pleased to introduce Dr. Barry Wright Professor and Interim Dean of Brock University for Goodman School of Business. This year’s discussion is the Summer Games in Toronto Canada. Dr. Wright addressed the crowd that the summer games have been planned out to succeed and provide the Western Region programs for the future. The 2021 Summer Games will create jobs, build programs and provide communities the revenue they need. Dr. Wright said “They chose us to host this event” and this event will provide opportunity and over five-thousand volunteers with three hundred and twenty two billion visitors.


In addition to Dr. Wrights lecture on the Canadian Games of 2021, students will have the opportunity to observe round table lectures. Wendy O’Malley added  “round table discussions will provide the students the opportunity for success,” and building your resume is very important. Especially when you are just starting out. Kristine Bradshaw provides NU students the information leading to success as internships and working opportunities. Every year this event means so much to the students.


Dr. Choi is very happy with the turn out for this event, two very important alumni have provided Niagara University students with valuable information about the future change in hospitality markets. Mark Gatley graduated NU in 1976, and is the GM of SMC/Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Mr. Gatley believes that “students have to start somewhere,” the future is important. Hotels provide many opportunities for the future according to Scott Swagler, General Manager of the Double Tree Hilton “Knowledge is important to have in hotel markets,” the competition that students face is incredible. Mr. Swagler believes that keeping guests very happy is important to event staff because it can be a very difficult task. A special thanks to the team of Dr. Choi, Wendy and Kristina for proving opportunities are around  for students of all levels. 





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