Niagara Falls Convicted Killer to be Released on Parole

By: Sam Illenz

Niagara Falls N.Y. – Almost 17 years after the murder, Kyle Cummings, a convicted killer is set to be released from prison no later than October 10. Cummings, a native of Niagara Falls was one of the three men that were found guilty for the murder of 16 year-old Jennifer Bolender in 2002.

 According to WIVB, Cummings was originally sentenced nine years to life before he was offered a plea deal to testify against the other two men which would shorten his sentence to six years to life. As reported by The Buffalo News, in December of 2002, brothers Kyle and Chris Cummings along with Daniel Pardee had beaten and brutally murdered Jennifer Bolender on the Lasalle Expressway pedestrian overpass after Bolender had refused affection from Pardee.

 Although the three were all teenagers at the time, they were all charged as adults. Local Niagara Falls residents such as students from our own campus, seem to have their concerns on the release of the convicted killer. Jose Gomez, a Niagara University student said, “It’s a little concerning that someone who has the capacity to commit such a terrible crime is now being released back into the public right around where we go to school.”

 As of today, Kyle Cummings is the only one out of the three killers being granted parole. Christoper Cummings is next to be given a chance at parole but not until 2020. Daniel Pardee, the main killer, will not be heard for parole until at least 2028.

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