The Magic behind Bills Sunday

By: Lauren Garabedian

BUFFALO, N.Y.- Almost every fall Sunday, thousands of Buffalonians gather in the paved parking lot of the New Era Field in Orchard Park. Fans arrive early preparing to drink their hearts out and jump on tables. Well, at the same time others have been working all day preparing and organizing another great sports game. Ava Mrozik is in her last year of undergrad at Niagara University and majors in Communications and Media Studies. Growing up in Orchard Park, she understands how important the Buffalo Bills team is to locals. This year, she gets to help organize and learn the magic behind these games that give joy to thousands.

If you are lucky enough to be a VIP guest, chances are a strawberry blonde short-haired girl with a smile that highlights her freckles, is ready to make sure you have an amazing time. She will escort you down the field and will let you know when you can take photos. She assists with the press box and sometimes records and transcribes the opposing coach so that the information will get to the media department of the Bills and out to the general public.

“Last time I got to record and transcribe the Colt’s coach,” Mrozik exclaims.

Mrozik is one of many people behind the scenes that allows locals to enjoy their day off dressed in red, white and blue zebra pants with an open Bud Light ready to relax. If you have the unfortunate luck to be at work while the game is on, Mrozik helps to make sure all the outcomes of the game will reach you by the end of your shift.

“After I graduate, I want to be an events planner,” Mrozik said. “I enjoy organizing an event and making sure it goes smoothly.”

So next time you’re at a game, whether rain, shine or in four feet of snow and high winds, look for the confident, cheery smiled girl probably wearing a jean jacket. She will make sure that every game, whether win or lose, is one a Buffalonian will remember. 

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