The Albright Knox to close for several years

By: Nina Grenga

BUFFALO, N.Y.- Gaining a $155 million grant for expansions, the Albright Knox is expected to close this November for approximately 2-3 years.

Back in 2014, the art gallery made the decision to take on the grand expansion of the campus, adding the “AK- 360” building to their roster along with other extensions. According to members of the museum, The AK-360 Campus Development and Expansion Project came to be due to the newfound renaissance of the city of Buffalo.

The AK-360 building will be a work of art itself, designed by the OMA/Shohei Shigematsu architect firm. This primarily glass building will add over 30,000 square feet for more gallery displays along with beautiful signature architecture inside. Along with the new building, the museum also plans to move parking underground to add more spaces as well as to create a green landscape for gathering. More entries will be created for the 1962 building along with an education wing and the 1905 building will also house a scenic bridge connecting it to AK-360. The current Sculpture Garden will also be transformed into a new indoor Town Square for civic engagement.

For the art lovers feeling bitter sweet about this project, do not fret. In January 2020, the Albright Knox will open their temporary gallery space at 612 Northland Avenue, which will host exhibitions, performances and other special programs.

For more information, photos or to see the official timeline of the project, visit

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