Restaurant Review: Lucy East African Cuisine

By: Matthew McKenzie

BUFFALO, N. Y.- When thinking of the many great foods that make up the culture of Western New York, one’s mind drifts to chicken wings and Bisons dip, but hopefully Lucy East African Cuisine could be added to the list soon.

Walking in, either Abba or Naima, will introduce themselves and seat you, answering any questions about the menu and finding the food to match your tastes. The food takes time, but is worth the wait, having a variety of vegetarian and vegan options as well as a long list of different meats. The cuisine uses a multitude of spices which gives the food a rich and exquisite flavor. It truly is a unique experience, especially for first timers.

Some recommendations include, their chai tea, the traditional coffee, Misir Wot(red Lentils and peppers with spices), the Yebeg Siga Wot (stewed lamb with spices), and any of their inexpensive platters, perfect for sharing!

Throughout the meal you will meet the entire family, the young kids who enjoy entertaining the customers and the nieces and nephews who work at the restaurant as well, it is truly a family restaurant. Providing one of the friendliest environments I’ve ever experienced, multiple times having gone there I have completely forgotten that I was at a business and not a friend’s home.

 The restaurant is named after one of the oldest fossil examples of a pre-human ancestor, discovered in Ethiopia and affectionately called Lucy by the research team. The owners couldn’t help but name their restaurant after this amazing discovery.

“Silverware” by david_s_carter is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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