NU eSports team finds home on campus and in new lounge

By Spencer Vadnais

Picture taken from

Niagara University has begun construction on a new lounge area designed for student-athletes. A new type of athlete will be making use of the space. These types of athletes have been freshly added to the list of Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference approved sports is a division of a different kind of game: a video game. Finding its home in the new sports lounge, the eSports team of NU. 

The NU eSports team is a budding club sport that is relatively new to campus, and has garnered a great deal of support during its short lifetime. The leader and founder of the club, Bryce Molnar, has stated his opinion on why he believed the club needed to be formed on campus.

“I feel like without this club, it would be much harder for people to connect with one another on campus for video games.” Molnar explained. “Aside from pokestops, it would be hard to find people who like the same exact things you do.”

The newly anointed club sport offers teams in competitive games such as Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, and many more titles for students to play and compete in. In addition to the opportunities for competition, the club also offers positions to stream games its members are playing. Their practices for the official teams are streamed at

With the potential for a larger club atmosphere merged with a subdivided team motif, Molnar has stated that the existing teams and club members are close and supportive of one another.

“It’s hard to say much more than tight knit, we treat each other like family, helping each other out in the times of need. We offer advice and tips. We also like to hang out together just like everyone else.”

The eSports team is always open to new members and those interested in the club should email him at

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