Mixing mediums: An album based on psychological test

By: Nina Grenga

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Have you ever listened to a song and felt the artist wrote it specifically for you? In the case of Sleeping at Last’s album, “ATLAS: Enneagram,” it’s true.

The project is based on the Enneagram Test, which is an online psychological examination that categorizes individuals into nine different personality types. Ryan O’Neal, the mastermind songwriter and composer behind Sleeping at Last, took every facet from each personality into account and wrote a song directly based on the person and the research behind their character. After listening to the entire album, the authenticity and pure talent of O’Neal is immediately evident as each score beautifully contrasts the last.

The following anonymous testimonies are examples of real people who have taken the Enneagram test and listened to the song dedicated to them afterwards.

TYPE 2: “On the surface it comes off as a love song but really it’s telling of how the Type Two is so giving to the point of self-destruction, that they give the love they wish they had for themselves and use it to build up everyone around them. The singer hinted a few times at not wanting to bring themselves up and I think that was really creative because upon the first listen of the song, it’s almost missed- sort of how this inner disconnection of Type Two is missed by those around them. The song itself was beautifully written with a perfect melody to match, along with uncomfortably accurate details of the Type Two personality. “Two” is now on my playlist.” 

TYPE 6: “Going into this, I wasn’t quite convinced that the quiz would actually be able to match me with a song that I could relate to. However, immediately after the song started, I was able to understand exactly what the artist was singing about and identify with it. The song discusses being afraid and what it’s like to always look at the downside of things. The fact that I tend to be pessimistic is something I have been aware of for a while now, but having someone else write about feelings I have not been able to put into words myself was quite staggering. In a way, it felt very exposing. The instrumental behind the music is very moving. You can almost feel it as you listen, and it is the perfect accent to the lyrics.”

TYPE 8: “A song that was lively, and sang of growing up and being able to “put on that suit of armor” at last. It had a strong current of empowerment running through its core. I think it was more driven and hopeful. Though the melody itself was a little eratic and a bit all over the place, I did enjoy certain bits of it, and the message was a lot more inspiring. It wasn’t speaking of giving up, it was speaking of perseverance.”

TYPE 9: “The song really made me think about the relationships I have with others, and how much I value how others see me, instead of being myself. The song alludes to how much time I’ve been wasting or “losing” time because of caring about how much you see through their eyes. I don’t want to say I’m a totally different person because of this song, but it definitely gave me something to consider about how I present myself going forward.”

If you’re interested in taking the exam, head to http://www.eclecticenergies.com and listen to “ATLAS: Enneagram” on Spotify, Apple Music and http://www.youtube.com

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