Ignorance Doesn’t Open Doors

By: Israel Rosado

Being ignorant is a common excuse among humans every day. Why challenge common knowledge and human instinct when you can just ignore and not coexist? Shutting down new lifestyles and different approaches is something that has been everyday activity since the inception of mankind. Although our human faults are also characteristics, and full of habit. Being ignorant will not open a new idea. Coming into my Environmental Media course, I was tasked with the comprehension of life, the importance and the idea that people can nurture their future and the planet we inhabit. I was just one of many in the course unknown to the damage that earth has been equipped with.

My own ignorance predetermined the idea of one person making a change. Which is the most shameful thing I could’ve felt towards this topic. Learning new words and opening myself to texts I wouldn’t have read in my personal life put a label and definition on what is truly going on. Global warming is a word that describes the disasters among earth, and the future that we are currently witnessing. Prior to this course, my preconceived notion was Global Warming was a delayed process 100 years ahead, when in fact it’s occurring today, and in 50 years life can drastically take a turn. Being a human, and what we think the most advanced creature in the galaxy, we should be taking care of our home and treating it with kindness and respect, rather than harvesting it for all its resources and damaging all the ecosystems across the globe.

Ignorance graces us all, as we can’t decide to save other forms of life and plant species if we can’t help our own kind. Our own ignorant deception will promote this Anthropocene we’re currently living in. Can we reverse this ending? I believe we can, and that’s with studying these new words and new lifestyle choices, but those must be promoted and become apart of everyday life. So this 50 years, we aren’t living in a catastrophic pollution filled wasteland, but with recycling and caring for other species is an everyday, normal thing to do. Our ignorance will never unlock these doors, but the way we challenge ourselves and tackle text that provide this information, humans will be able to soon unlock our greatest mental capacity.

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