Game of Thrones is finally back!

By: Kevin McDonnell

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- By the time this article is printed fans of the HBO series of “Game of Thrones” will be three episodes in to the six-episode final season. For anyone looking to get into the series you surely will not be disappointed but take the time to stop reading this article now because spoilers certainly lie below. For those caught up let’s get started.

The past two episodes of the season have already given us a lot to talk about. Many early criticisms from fans has been the slow start of the season thus far. For fans who waited the past two years for the final season premiere I can share that frustration. However, rest assured with the Night King finally below the Wall and on his way to Winterfell the ensuing battle will provide the action we have all been craving.

Episode 1: Winterfell largely focused on exposition. The show reminded us of the major locations and the players. Cersei Lannister in King’s Landing continues to sit on the throne and Euron Greyjoy brings the Golden Company from Braavos to Cersei to prove his loyalty. While Euron and Cersei are well “occupied” Theon Greyjoy takes the opportunity to free his sister Yara. Jon Snow and the Stark family basically have a big family reunion and Jon is told the truth of his lineage from a distraught Samwell Tarly who had just learned Daenerys has murdered both his father and brother. Bronn is asked by Cersei to murder both her brothers with their father Tywin Lannister’s crossbow in an attempt at poetic justice.

Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was a very sentimental episode to say the least. For longtime fans a moment of great joy was when Jamie Lannister knighted Brienne of Tarth after she vouched for his honor in front of everyone. Bran offers himself up as bait to the Night King in an attempt to lure him away from his Army of the Dead. Gendry and Ayra are the ones that find themselves “occupied” in this episode and Jon right before the call of battle confides in Daenerys the truth about his background.

It’s anyone’s guess as to where the series may be headed, but already fans have noted many call backs to Season 1. One worth noting is a scene where Robert Baratheon mentions joining his house with Ned Stark’ s by marrying one of Ned’s daughters and Robert’s son. At the time King Robert surely meant his son Joffrey, but with the introduction of Gendry as Robert’s illegitimate son into the storyline it could mean the writers were foreshadowing the relationship between Gendry and Ayra Stark. In the case of Jon Snow and Daenerys the news of his lineage is surely troublesome. It is only natural to assume one of them will die, but which of the two it is hard to say. I think all fans can ask for at this point is that the series ends with more answers then questions. If nothing else that at least some of our favorite characters make it to end and that Cersei finally gets what she deserves.

By: Wicker Paradise licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDervis 2.0 Generic

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