Changemaker profile: Alexa Ciprich

By: Alexa Ciprich

By: Alison Chodak


Alexa Ciprich, a sophomore at Niagara University, majors in Hospitality and one day wants to become a successful event planner. She wants to plan someone’s big day and make it a special memory for them.

Alexa Ciprich didn’t start college at Niagara University, she actually transferred from St. Bonaventure University after her Freshman year. The reason she transferred was because there was no Hospitality program there. She found out NU had an amazing one and decided to come here. It wasn’t an easy decision. She couldn’t have made this decision without her mother or father. They have always supported her no matter what and they have always helped her to be better in life.

She had so much fun at St. Bonaventure however, her academics were more important and she decided her sophomore year she would attend Niagara University. Transferring wasn’t easy, she had to put herself out there to make new friends, had to find all of her classes, and she had to live in the Statler House with different girls she didn’t know.

The Statler House (Varsity Village House 2) was a great fit for her. It allowed her to meet a lot of people and it also allowed her to get her name in the community. The Alumni Dinner in 2018 really helped connect her with past Alumni and she got to show them how much the program has grown. She is very excited to live in the Statler House next semester.

From her time away from the classroom, she is involved in Club Soccer, Hospitality Tourism Association (HTA), Endzone, and this year May she will be inducted in Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society. HTA has opened so many opportunities for her because she and many other students had the privilege to visit California.

They specifically went to Santa Monica, California and it was a memorable experience. She loved learning about the Hospitality Industry and loved touring the Warner Bros. Studio. This made her realize she loves cinematics and the production behind it. In the future, she hopes to plan big events in North Carolina and hopes to be a huge event/wedding planner.

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