Buffalo takes on ELLEN

Viral Buffalo police duo join Ellen DeGeneres on stage

By: Nina Grenga

BUFFALO, N.Y.- In the age of social media, anything can happen- like receiving an invitation to be on ELLEN via Facebook… after going viral of course.

Buffalo cop duo Michael Norwood and Moe Badger had become an instant hit over social media when a video of them belting out the lyrics to “Thinking Out Loud,” in a local restaurant surfaced. The video, accumulating over 170,000 views on Facebook and 40,000 on YouTube, quickly grabbed the attention of Ellen- and rightly so.

Badger, half of the “Buffalo Bad Boy” duo, relayed the story of how his life changed forever from one fateful Facebook message.

“It was February 25, and we were added into this Facebook group with Ellen’s executive producer [inviting us on the show.]”

They set up a date for them to come to Los Angeles and asked the duo to prepare a small performance from a list of songs they were given; the iconic “My Girl,” by The Temptations ending up as the lucky number.

After four days in California (due to scheduling complications), the Buffalo duo were ready to hit the stage and meet the one and only, Ellen DeGeneres.

When asked about that surreal moment, Badger revealed “It was really cool. I’m a big fan of positive energy [and that’s what Ellen is all about.]”

Continuing with the theme of “positive energy,” DeGeneres partnered with Cheerios to make a $10,000 donation to their charity, Children Overcoming Police Stereotypes through Sports, also known as “C.O.P.S.S.” Founded in 2016, C.O.P.S.S. has been a way for police to connect with children of the Buffalo area in various fun and active ways. With the generous donation, Badger listed a few ideas they plan on it going towards- such as a celebrity basketball game, free clinics for sports and even vocal/piano lessons.

Badger has always showcased his voice around Buffalo, singing at different churches on Sundays and other local events.

“Any job I’ve done, in any line of work, [I’ve been] singing on the job.”

After the viral video and his visit to Ellen, his calendar has been “packed” from getting “calls all around.” From singing and judging at Taste of Buffalo to being featured on “CBS Evening News” with Jeff Glor, its safe to say we will be seeing plenty more of this dynamic duo.

Badger concluded our conversation with a piece of advice for his Western New York community members, “Always be true to yourself [and] engage with the community. Everything will fall into place.”

To learn more about C.O.P.S.S. and how you can get involved, visit https://www.copssny.org

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