Save money using student benefits

39791327783_36079985e5_o Image by GotCredit licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

By: Brittany Rosso

LEWISTON, N.Y.- Sure, being a college student has its downfalls: stress, student debt, busy schedules and anxiety can surely contribute. However, there are also many perks, aside from educational benefits, that being a student has to offer. Let’s take a second to consider one that we all can love – student discounts. Several local, international, and national brands and services offer student discounts in many areas of purchasing. Students should take advantage of this opportunity.

It is highly likely that over half of your favorite brands, from clothing to lifestyle and wellness, offer discounts you may not know about. I know it can feel like that is too much research, plus not everyone wants to spend time browsing the internet looking for coupons and deals, hoping that they will work, when all we want is to buy a product. But, I have good news! There is actually a company that will do this kind of work for us.

UNiDAYS, a company that partners with over 150 businesses and retailers across the United States to offer discounts to students, can help our struggles. UNiDAYS provides information about the best student discounts, offers a browse section to search for discounts on your favorite brands and more. Best of all, it is free to use and easy to sign up. All you need is a university-provided student email, which is  included in your pricey tuition.

Through the UNiDAYS app and website, you can gain free access to discounts only accessible to students. From technology, to health and wellness, travel, lifestyle, beauty, skincare, makeup and food, you can seriously find discounts for just about anything you need. UNiDAYS also offers tips and tricks, a freebies section and a way to find all of the best deals with one click.

So, maybe you are looking to do some ‘treat yourself’ shopping after getting your tax return. Or, maybe you are looking to become a better spender. Regardless, it never hurts to keep your student I.D. in your wallet, ask about student discounts before swiping your card at a register, or in this case, taking advantage of services like UNiDAYS. For more information, visit


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